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09112007.jpgOK, everyone, pop quiz on civics. Who are California’s two senators? I’ll give you a hint: they’re both female Democrats. Answer: Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. (Maxine Waters is a representative to Congress, so those who guessed her, you were close but in the wrong house)

I received a newsletter from Ms Boxer today, letting me know how bad the traffic is in L.A. In fact, it was specifically about the traffic here and the new study from the Texas Transportation Institute which determined that we suffer from the worst traffic in the nation (all together now: DUH!). Boxer goes on to write that “[t]he only surprising fact from this study is that the average resident spends only 72 extra hours stuck in rush-hour traffic.” If that means 72 hours per year added to what our commute time would be without traffic, then yes, I am surprised. Somewhere, someone is not being delayed by traffic in Los Angeles, and I want to know how they’re getting to work.

The rest of the newsletter is mostly lukewarm PR for Boxer’s stance on public transportation in L.A. It mentions the Gold and Expo Lines – but doesn’t mention that neither will really ease the traffic in the worst areas around Century City and Westwood. But Boxer does say that she pushed for $70 million in Senate funding for the Gold Line, which I didn’t know before. Good for her. And while I feel that the whole e-newsletter was mostly just to remind me that Barbara Boxer is my senator, and that she supports public transit, I kind of appreciate the attention to Los Angeles’ traffic plight by our federal senators, not just our state Senate.

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  1. Ha…wanna know how I avoid traffic? My GPS. Since I got that bad boy, the only time I sit in bad traffic is when I need to get out of the hell that is Yorba Linda (seriously, twice the past week it took me almost 90 min. to get home to my east la abode, but I got there in about 30 min.). I actually look forward to going to Corona, Palmdale or South OC for work because I know that my time is no longer spent in traffic. Okay…the westside traffic still sucks and I admit that when I go back over to Melrose, I’m exceedingly thrilled I moved away.

  2. Westside is easy compared to the mess the 210 has become. Since it finished going through to Rialto its been a nightmare, city streets are now the bypass. The gold line will pick up some commuters.

    The bigger problem is that many in my area have to commute into Glendale or the Valley which means they will still have to drive on the 210/134 corridor. Mass transit is overdue, one that hits the major routes, not just to downtown is what we need.

  3. I emailed back to Senator Boxer and mentioned that there was currently no way to take public transportation from Echo Park to Culver City in under 1.75 hours (although the Expo Line will shorten part of that journey, the new line won’t be open until approximately 2010.)

    I suggested that she follow Ray Bradbury’s advice and fund a bunch of much less expensive monorail lines that are quieter, cheaper, faster to construct, and just as fast as metro rail.

  4. oh yeah…my office is 20 feet from my back door. The odd times I have to go somewhere I can plan around traffic.

  5. Frazgo, I got you beat. My commute is from the bedroom to the kitchen for my coffee, then back to my offiice (In real estate terms, the 2nd bedroom.) The whole house is 950 square feet. My husband has the sig alert route: out the backdoor for about 50 feet to the converted garage. doesn’t cover this section yet, but he’s hoping they install the traffic cams soon. So many squirrels some mornings!

    Am I grateful? You bet. And the commuting gods smile on me and my west side abode as most meetings I’ve had in the last few years have been in Santa Monica or Culver City. I don’t win lotteries or contests, but I do win in the commute arena.

  6. I’m with frazgo, one of the most overlooked little bit of mass transit is linking the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys by rail. As it is, I have to go from Burbank, to Union Station, to Pasadena. Yea, that works. Not!

    IMNSHO, Boxer is the closest thing to a Democrat we have in the Senate. And Feinstein is more of a Republican than Bill Clinton, which takes some work.

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