Sunday Snapshot: The View From Here

The clarity, the crispness, that just-brushed feeling. I love L.A. following a rain (and dang if it hasn’t been almost half a year since such a day-after happened last). If I weren’t feeling so Sunday morning laid back lazy I’d hike my ass up from Fern Dell to the summit of Mt. Hollywood (the promontory in the upper left of the frame) and gets me some nice panorama action of the freshly scrubbed L.A. basin to share with you. Instead the best I can muster is a climb up to the top of the backyard here in Silver Lake to point the cam at them thar hills for some stills (click to biggify).

2 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: The View From Here”

  1. That’s a great picture. It makes LA look exotic.

    You know as a kid I always wanted to live somewhere exotic. I didn’t think LA was very exotic and I grew up in Hollywood, but lately I have been thinking that we live in a place and a time where I think people will say, “I wish I had been in LA in 2007. That seemed like alot of fun.”

    I appreciate LA alot more now. I’m trying to revel in being here.


  2. I agree. An awesome picture and you can tell there is less smog and crud in the air just based on the clarity and brightness of the picture. I love it here after it rains….

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