Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen…you suck

laughin1ff.jpg As most every Los Angeleno makes a trip or two a year to the House of Rat this was almost a post about how CA Adventure is actually very doable on a Sunday Afternoon in September. (Lines were never more than an 10 minutes long all day and we got the nifty Halloween Theme in as the added boner in the deal).

The Fickel Finger of Fate Award goes to Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney for tonights cluster fuck performance on a light traffic night. DTD was actually not crowded and you could walk without stopping for the usual stroller brigade or photo opps by the tourists. At the end of the day no matter how well it goes in either of the Theme parks I like to end it with a sit down dinner with real table cloths, linens and music. Jazz Kitchen was not about to let that happen tonight.
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We arrived at 6:45 and were sent up stairs to be seated. After 5 minutes were seated on the upstais balconey, could hear the live jazz from the band downstairs and watch the setting sun from a nice vantage over DTD. The balcony, actually the whole snd floor was barely 2/3 full. We were seated and that was the last nice thing that happened. Tables around us were seated. Tables seated after us got their water. Tables seated after us actually had wait staff take their orders. 7:05 we bailed.

On the way out, right at the ground floor exit was the head host and likely 3 of the waitstaff given their white aprons and shirts…joking around having a nice chuckle. Not being the passive agressive type I decide to say something.

I approached and introduced myself. The glare was more of an inconvenience than interest in that a customer was exiting wanting to talk with them. The run down went something like this….
Me…excuse me, I’d like to let you we are leaving as after some 10-15 minutes after being seated no one bothered to get our drink order or let alone greet us. I explained that we were leaving as those seated after us were getting served and we weren’t.
Twit Host…Oh, and where were you seated
Me…up on the balcony (pointed in the general direction of where we were)
Twit Host…Oh, I’m sorry and glares at me then starts shuffling paper.
Me….OK so you understand I’m leaving because of a lack of service
Twit Host…rolls his eyes, dead silence and keeps shuffling his paper
Me….OK so there is no question I’m here 3-4 times a year and this lack of service is inexcusable, I pause
Twit Host….looks elsewhere and dead silence remains
Me…OK I get it, this doesn’t matter to you, well I’m a writer and will toss it up on a blog for all of LA to see tonight.
Twit Host….Yes, I’m sure, I’ve heard that before.

Guess what twit. Here it is. Not that any of them care. We (the fam and I) took the tram home, ate at Chili’s as my favorite spots in Monrovia on Myrtle were closed. Decent food, great service by Corrine (yes, I tipped her and left a note for her manager to give her employee of the month).

Having worked in Food Service and Dept Store retail I know a few things about customer service. A complaint means you pull out all the stops and make a “valiant save”. Jazz Kitchen based on tonight is one I will avoid and not risk going back for. It was that bad and indifferent.

So thanks for bearing with my rant. When a place is great I let people know on the spot it was. This place sucked and you need to avoid as well.

Pick borrowed from that actually has quite a bit of Laughin Goodies for your review.

2 thoughts on “Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen…you suck”

  1. We were there about 18 months ago on our own visit to the House of Rat. It was very busy the night that we were there, but they had service problems that night as well. I seem to remember that there was a mixup and wait getting seated. Once seated, our waiter was relatively attentive and apologetic, but the food took F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

    That location seems to have a lot of problems. Probably best just to avoid it.

  2. Eaten in DTD about three times, not once did we get quick, attentive service. Even the service at Blue Bayou seemed lacking. That is, if you can even get a reservation.

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