10 mins to LAX from Norwalk

Oh, you read that right.

Today, I went to go pick up my parents at LAX, who were returning from vacation. The last time I went to pick up an arrival at LAX, it took me forever to get there. And then my friend’s flight was delayed, so I had to park and wait. In other words, it was the typical nightmare.

I live at the eastern end of the 105. Traveling to the western end at 4:30 pm Sunday didn’t sound so wonderful. I expected a lot of traffic around LAX (I always expect this). But no! all clear! no back ups on Sepulveda! no clusterfucks in the tunnel! well, even the traffic around the terminals was smooth sailing.

I also noticed that the Theme Building which houses the Encounter Restaurant had its legs wrapped in scaffolding. I imagine it is undergoing some more renovations, since the last ones in the 1990s. Sorry for the lack of pics on this, but I was too busy enjoying driving through LAX.

3 thoughts on “10 mins to LAX from Norwalk”

  1. I drove from Burbank to Marina del Rey a couple weeks ago and experienced the same thing. I was totally expecting the typical crawl all the way there, but to my great delight everybody was home that day and I was able to cruise the entire way without a single backup. It was beautiful thing.

    Our freeways are so incredibly enjoyable when nobody else is driving.

  2. I left LAX for Hawaii this afternoon. The drive from Pasadena was great at about 2:00pm. Clear all the way down the 110 to the 105. Being in the carpool lane might’ve helped a bit, but the regular lanes seemed to be rolling pretty smoothly, too.

    I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the drive to LAX more.

  3. When it first opened, the 105 was great. I would use it on my commute from Lakewood to UCLA. Rather than going on the 405, I would do: 91-710-105-405. The 405 still sucked at the end, but avoiding the South Bay was worth it.

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