Reason #99 to Love LA: Conspicuous Consumption

cedesshade.jpg We are a city that firmly believes in conspicuous comsumption. Maybe more than the ability to rent any lifetstyle we can’t afford. I went to lunch with a friend today and I noticed something odd when I went to move the sunshade in the car. It wasn’t soft, squishy and mylar. It was nice firm and covered with that microfibre suede that matched the car’s interior. Putting it up she let me know that its a custom fit flush against the windshield. Will wonders never cease?

Even better to make certain a passerby knew this wasn’t a target-one-size-fits-all….discreetly in the upper right hand corner was the Benz logo and tasteful type “mercedes benz”. Nice enough to have a cool car, but even cooler when you get custom shades for it. Give it time and all the other baser makes will do it too…if only for the LA customer where it really matters.

6 thoughts on “Reason #99 to Love LA: Conspicuous Consumption”

  1. This car probably belongs to one of those childless couples who live in a downtown loft and write blogs about their personal lives.

  2. To be truthful, loft-dwelling did occur – back in 1992 when it still meant taking your life in your hands. I gots me some mad CRED, muthafuckas!

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