Kid Art at Kaiser Baldwin Park

dinohead%20drawing.jpg Put your hands together for this budding artist. Actually put them together for Kaiser in BP whose orthopedics waiting room has this chalk board up for the kidlets to draw. More doctors offices need to toss these up. Nothing worse for a kid (and those around them) when they are stuck in a waiting room with nothing to do. I think more waiting rooms need to add chalk boards to keep us all quietly entertained.

This budding Picasso was working on a Sponge Bob from memory until her mother got called in for her appointment. Either that or she was making some sort of statement by omitting his facial features.
I particularly like all the non-sequitars just up there and how they interplay. More urban art in a controlled environment works for me. Letting a kid run amouk creatively is the added bonus.

Pics by me with the lint covered lens with the trusty LG camera phone…they do get bigger.

One thought on “Kid Art at Kaiser Baldwin Park”

  1. Kaiser in East Los Angeles has a chalkboard, too. It’s been there since I was a kid. Waiting-room chalkboards are good stuff!

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