House of Pink Marble – Cinderella Special?

phfront.jpg This has got to be one of my most favorite homes in the area. Not because of historical accuracy, but rather the in your face “I’m gonna be different and shock your ass” value. Being one who doesn’t do well with being homogenized I suspect that may have a lot to do with why I like this house.

Monrovia is blessed with some great old Craftsman Homes. This prime example was remodeled long before we moved here in 1994 and for reasons lost to the time space continuum they faced the entire house in marble. PINK MARBLE. Highly polished marble to take it over the top. Amazing to see in person.

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phfence.jpg Adding to the outrageous value is the wrought iron fence elevated on top of a short brick wall. More of a Painting it white makes it all the more noticeable. This is a community that frowns upon fences so that fence makes it stand out even more. Could well be why my oldest called it “Cinderella’s Castle when she was in Pre-K some 12 years ago.

phlion.jpg I don’t understand why they only have one lion guarding the front porch. They are usually seen in pairs. The “icicle” fairy lights from last Christmas are a nice touch. Sorta Cinderella meets Jed Clampett in that PWT kinda way.

It’s stuff like this that really makes me glad we avoided the whole Homeowners Association mentality when we were shopping for our house. But that goes back to my not liking to stay in the lines and being homogenized. More proof that its the differences around here that make us fun!

Pic by me with my lint covered lens camera phone. (The Che-ez died and its replacement is in the mail).

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  1. When i lived on canyon with Roxsan we alway’s laughed at this one! Must be an Indian thing.
    “I be loving my marble” and 7-11…..

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