Long Live the QUEEN

252967013_119f9a0950.jpgOn October 5th, the faux-Queen cabaret It’s A Kinda Magic rolls into Hollywood for a night at the Kodak Theatre. The show’s website makes the ambitious claim of being “the closest you will get anywhere in the world today to experiencing the flamboyant excitement of Freddie Mercury and Queen live.”

I don’t quite believe that.

I came late to the Queen party. By 1992 Freddie was already in the ground and for most of my friends being a Queen fan meant headbanging to “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the back seat of their parents’ cars (we were in the seventh grade, okay?). Meanwhile I’m in my room wearing out a cassette tape copy of Classic Queen and wondering what it would be like to be in a stadium along with 160,000 people singing “Love of My Life” in unison.

Fourteen years later, Queen + Paul Rogers lands at the Hollywood Bowl to play an awesome show. Brian May rocked our collective faces off with every set, Roger Taylor tore up the skins on a five-minute drum solo, and Slash showed up unannounced to duel with May on “Hammer to Fall”. I scored some official Queen tour schwag, and after the show this random dude walks up to me and hands me a bootleg CD from one of Q+PR’s European gigs.


So no offense to the Kinda Magic guys, but I figure that night at the Bowl was about as close to experiencing Queen live as anyone is gonna get these days. There are rumors that Q+PR will tour in 2008, and you know they’re gonna stop off in Los Angeles should they make their way through the States again. In the meantime, I faithfully submit an Australian cover band wtih bad hair and a glue-on moustache to tide you over.

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  1. The most jarring bit of culture shock I’ve experienced came while in Zanzibar in 2005 on a walking tour of its historic Stonetown and out of nowhere our guide points out the birthplace of Freddie Mercury, with requisite Mercury/Queen souvenir shop next door.

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