A ‘Mirage’ on Silver Lake Blvd

Just got an e-mail noting that Materials & Applications on Silver Lake Blvd is taking part in Park(ing) Day LA and tomorrow, Sept 21, from 10AM to 7PM they will be turning their parking spaces into something else. From the note:

“This Friday, Materials & Applications will be a proud participant of the Park(ing) Day LA ; The day we turn our parking spot into a park! To highlight the lack of quality open space in Los Angeles, over 20 teams all around the city will reclaim parking spaces and streets for people to rest, relax and play. To celebrate that event M&A will turn its parking space into an urban oasis. Sponsored by Fountainhead this one day installation will be on site all day, from morning coffee to afternoon drinks. Join us to celebrate parks and open spaces!”

[Thanks Manny!]

6 thoughts on “A ‘Mirage’ on Silver Lake Blvd”

  1. Nifty Idea in theory, Sounds like there may be a lot of pissed of businesses if customers can’t get to them.

    My solution to the lack of green space is not protesting parking, but rather tear down some of the rotted out properties along the 210 and build parks. Nice green buffer and more SAFE activity space for teens to burn of energy.

    Damn…am starting to sound like a greenie, I’m not but it would be nice to reclaim some land that is in total disrepair.

  2. Chal, it’s a national thing (out of San Francisco, I believe) to draw attention to the lack of public greenspace in cities.

  3. You flaming “me, me, me” dickheads ate several parking spaces in Culver City today. The only thing you idiots succeeded in doing was to make people DRIVE around for 20 minutes more than usual. Nice work — force others to pollute the air so you can sit in a lawn chair while they search for a parking space to get to a critical doctor’s appointment. What a gigantic load of crap.

  4. I saw one of them today, a bunch of hippie scenesters hoola hooping around a bunch of potted plants in a parking space in Sunset Junction. I thought it might be in protest to the parking meters set to invade our neighborhood. Whatever. Gave me a smile while I waited for the light.

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