The creepiest thing I saw at Wired Nextfest.

Last week nobody would stop talking about Wired Nextfest. Now that it’s over and I’ve been there and done that, I can share with you the creepiest thing I saw at Wired Nextfest.
There are 3 things creepy about this photo:
1. There are two dudes there. One is a creepy old man. One is a creepy old man robot.
2. Do you see that fake robot hand in dude’s lap? Yeah.
3. I wasn’t sure if that lady who has her head all up in my shot was a robot for a good 20 seconds. Like I had to look a few times. It was not right.

4 thoughts on “The creepiest thing I saw at Wired Nextfest.”

  1. I saw a photo of this in the flickr set, what was it?? Just to show how real robots can look? I’ve been on Pirates of the Caribbean, I know. Did it perform real enough?

  2. “I get so tired of such flippant derogatory derision.” Will

    Agreed. I don’t understand the knew trend of ethnic people becoming so damn funny. Even ethnic people join in on the fun.

    I liked the old school of mocking the police ala the dicks and nwa.


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