Pasadena Reboot


For some reason I really enjoy seeing technology-gone-wrong, like this example spotted today near a Gold Line Station: a frozen Windows 2000 boot up screen, in a spot where a simple map or info poster would have been much more useful. It’s a reminder that relying on technology for everything assumes things will never go wrong. Yet, they always do.

PS. Also on the reboot, the Crown City “Brewery” nearby no longer brews their own beer. Goodbye Black Bear Stout.

7 thoughts on “Pasadena Reboot”

  1. Thats an all too common site on standalone, interactive kiosks.
    Whoever sells the government on this stuff is probably swimming in a pool full of money, just like Scrooge McDuck.

  2. I love it when it happens. IT may be the most sold OS but when it fails it does it grandly for the whole world to see.

  3. I once saw one of those awful Citadel digital billboards along the 5 displaying a Windows 98 desktop with a crash message.

  4. That happened on the MTA a lot when they first got those TV’s.

    You’d get on the bus and want to see the morning news/weather and you’d just be staring at a Start menu.

  5. The ironic/funny thing about this to me is that Windows 2000 and Windows NT were supposed to be the most stable of the different windows version.

    The worst techology, is when I am standing over a urinal taking care of business and I am staring at a kiosk. (WTF).

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