LA Vlogger caught in Pedestrian Sting Operation

mickibusted.gifSting operations are always a source of controversy no matter what they are about. Part of it always seems, to me at least, like luring someone into something. Obviously crosswalks in LA are an issue of their own, but this seems like a less than productive way to combat the problem. This morning local videoblogger Micki Krimmel was nailed in a “Pedestrian Sting Operation” and she just posted a video about it. From the car, of course.

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  1. Interesting rant and whine. With back to school season its not all uncommon to have the crosswalk laws enforced with some zeal. Just sucks when you get caught in the middle of a “sting”.

    Glendale runs that sting often. Have to as the Glendalians have a habit of running peds over. Of course there peds get ticketed for jaywalking and other mayhem they cause. I don’t miss my office at Brand and Lexington at all anymore.

  2. I got hit by a crosswalk sting in Boston one time. But you know what? I didn’t stop for the guy in the crosswalk. I didn’t really have any grounds to be angry.

    This woman is WAY too upset about this. It’s not “safer” to go through a crosswalk than to stop. What was the safety concern that forced you to go through the crosswalk without stopping? She just didn’t stop. I didn’t stop at my crosswalk sting either, but I sucked it up and didn’t blame the cop for my inability to follow the rules.

    Also, shouldn’t she be focused on driving instead of recording a video of herself being angry WHILE driving? That seems like the least safe thing of all.

  3. This would have been such a better video if she had run over a pedestrian while ranting into a camer, instead of…i don’t know…driving? She also made a decision that was safer for her…but not safer for the pedestrian. She would rather almost hit someone than get rear ended…interesting.

  4. Actually, I made the (quick) decision that I felt was best for everyone involved. This was not a crosswalk near any school or near anything walkable really. The “sting” was set up for no other reason than for the city to earn some extra cash from unsuspecting drivers. The “pedestrian” popped his head out from behind a car right before I pulled up to the cross walk and there would have been no way for me to stop safely in time – for him, me, or the cars behind me.

  5. a crosswalk is still a crosswalk. I almost get run over by cars all the time and it is really annoying how little attention people pay to peds. I agree with you that the sting was a little stupid and it sucks to be caught in such things but please try to be careful because you+ped=dead ped. Where on Highland is this non walkable area? I wonder how much the ticket was for…

  6. People in the crosswalk have the right of way if there’s no light at the point of the crosswalk. You simply need to be aware of them. The fact that the next pedestrian you don’t stop for might be a cop pulling a sting operation makes it more likely that you’ll stop the next time.

    It’s safer for everybody if you’re cautious at crosswalks and I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the cops to enforce traffic safety laws.

  7. Why are you filming yourself while driving? Shouldn’t you be text messaging or reading the paper while driving? ;-)

  8. Yes Will, and I keep good thoughts about you as the only thing more at risk in this city than a ped in a marked cross-walk is a bicyclist in the bike lane.

  9. The last time I was in traffic school (sometime during the previous millennium), I was told that a driver must stop if a pedestrian shows the intention of crossing the street. That is, if they are standing on the corner. I quizzed the instructor (a cop) about this at length, thinking it was dumb (maybe the person is waiting for a friend, or just admiring the pretty lights on the traffic signal), but he insisted that someone standing at a crosswalk, even if the aren’t in the street, is showing intention, and therefore drivers must stop.

    Oh, and if you pass a car that’s stopped for a pedestrian, that’s a second ticket. One for going through the crosswalk, and one for passing the stopped car.

  10. I read your article summary in the headlines and was intrigued to check it out. I then read the blogs before I decided to watch the video. What first hit me is that you are certain that your perspective is “the correct one” or the only perspective.

    Then you make a statement and say “right”, apparently assuming that those seeing it agree with you. Later you go on to finish a sentence with “whatever”.

    You justify what you did as being for safety and the right thing to do. The fact that the guy stuck his head out after it was safe for you to stop for him, that it was part of a sting and that you have a good driving record are all used as supporting evidence.

    UNFORTUNATELY PEOPLE DO stick their heads out from behind vehicles. Recently I had a ball that some children were playing with come out into my lane. QUICKLY FOLLOWED by a child. Using your same logic, I would not have stopped for the ball, because I also had cars behind me. WOW, where that would have led I am glad didn’t happen.

    Accepting a license getting behind a steering comes with responsibility. Driving is not a right. When you accept your license you accept this responsibility. Things happen!!! OFTEN WHEN WE DON’T EXPECT THEM.

    That may have been a sting, and reading your account it sure sounds like it. Pedestrians are hit and killed in accidents. Just such a pedestrian fatality on Beechwood Canyon just north of Franklin near the 101 happened a few years ago. A stop sign was then put up.

    You are driving a ton of weight in the body of the car. You with your car can kill or seriously impact a pedestrian. From your video it is obvious that you are a younger driver. I sure would not want to be walking where someone like you drives. I really would not want to be near you in traffic.

    I am a pilot, it requires a lot of concentration. SO DOES DRIVING. As another poster wrote, here you are driving and doing a video at the same time. You looked down at the camera several times.
    I know that especially in heavy traffic with quick starts and stops the people that I can see in front of me or driving by are not paying attention.

    Lastly, the DMV license you have comes with stipulations such as no drunk driving, and that the PEDESTRIAN HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY. Maybe the police had complaints by people from that neighborhood OR there was an accident there recently.

    Just another PERSPECTIVE given what you present in text and video.

  11. I think you all are missing the point here. If I had driven through a crosswalk with an actual pedestrian even if I felt it was the safest thing to do at the time and a cop happened to see me and pull me over, I would be upset but I would accept the ticket graciously and move on. The fact is that this is not at all what happened. The police were deliberately entrapping people by setting up a difficult situation in which they knew drivers would have little time to react. I suspect their purpose in doing this is more about generating revenue than protecting pedestrians. As a cyclist myself, I am well aware of the limited efforts taken by the city of los angeles to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. This was a trap. Plain and simple.

  12. Having had the opportunity to watch several pedestrian “safety” stings for a length of time up close, I can 100% guarantee that the people that I’ve seen running them are hooting and hollering over the bounty of fines that they’re getting to levy to a much farther extent than they are educating drivers about pedestrian safety. Yes, people don’t afford pedestrians the care that they should, and yes, everybody should be attentive when approaching a crosswalk. But ticketing drivers over minutiae like whether the pedestrian on the other side of the street has fully taken the final sept out of the crosswalk and placed both feet on the sidewalk before you start to move again (which is one of the things they love to do) isn’t teaching anybody any respect for anything.

  13. Entrapment is when the police coax you into doing something that it’s not in your nature to do. You were not induced by the police to commit these acts. No police officer came up to you and said “Hey, I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you don’t stop at the next crosswalk.” That might have been entrapment.

    They didn’t entrap you. The worst that can be said, if you’re right about the setup being unfair, was that the police picked a poor location for a sting. If you literally couldn’t see the person before you got to the crosswalk, then the situation probably isn’t a valid one for ticketing.

    But you weren’t entrapped. You should stop using that word.

  14. I was told by an ex traffic cop that it is only illegal of you impede the progress of the pedestrian.

    He told me to take the ticket, be polite with the officer and then show the judge how you in no way affected the pedestrians progress.

  15. The real question to be asked is whether this sting operation is giong to change behavior. Will Micki now be more apprehensive and cautious when approaching a crosswalk or will her behavior not change at all? If the answer is the latter than the sting was a waste of time and money. However, if this is going to change behavior than this actually is worthwhile. Are there more things in this city that need police attention…of course.

    The sad thing of course is that you were “tested” on how you would respond if some person jumped out…sadly you decided to floor it! (exaggeration) It’s okay, I probably would have failed the test as well…

  16. This post/video just made my day.

    Okay, for one thing, she states that she thought the safest thing to do after seeing a pedestrian poke his head out onto the street, was to keep moving? Wouldn’t your first reaction be to stop? Since when do pedestrians get hit by nonmoving cars?

    Second, she then decides that the next best thing to do is hold a video camera at herself to talk about it while driving her car. No comment. Safety first, people.

    Third, she’s upset because the police are doing this merely to get money from citizens. That sucks but at the same time, it’s a great wake-up call for everyone to be more aware about their surroundings. Sucks to be you, but at least admit that maybe you made a mistake.

  17. I’ve slammed on my brakes for pedestrians and been rear-ended. Twice.

    I’ve also nearly been run down in the middle of a crosswalk with my entire family.

    I’ve also seen reports of people getting killed on what seemed like a regular basis in the crosswalk in front of the Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake because people are moving too goddamn fast.

    The law’s the law for a reason here. Assuming you know how to interpret in a split second is a fool’s game … that we all get shoved into on a regular basis.

  18. Fact is, I’m the only one involved in this conversation who was in the car. I know I did what I felt was the safest thing to do given the situation.

    For the good of us all, I would hope that most drivers make decisions based on safety not hard and fast laws. Yes, of course pedestrians have the right of way. But if one pokes his head out to examine oncoming traffic and you quickly react to look in your rearview to see a car coming up fast and you know that slamming on the brakes is not going to protect the pedestrian (who is not crossing) and will probably cause a huge accident, you should make the best decision based on all the variables around you. A safe driver is a flexible driver who is able to react to a myriad of conditions for the safety of everyone on the road. Not a robot who slams on his/her brakes at the sight of every person on a street corner.

    Still, the city can’t enforce good judgement. And they certainly don’t make any money for it.

  19. The fact that you videotape yourself driving (and constantly look into the camera)is proof that you are an unsafe driver. You should consider yourself lucky you only got a ticket, as opposed to running over someone, and change your ways.

  20. Fact is, you posted a vlog you made complaining about a ticket WHILE DRIVING.

    A city can’t enforce good judgment. But you can enforce your own. Maybe don’t film yourself while driving, and then post it on the internets?


    She knew she should have stopped. She saw him “poke his head out”. Regardless of the traffic behind her, she should have stopped. I’m a 100% pedestrian. I have to be due to physical limitations that prevent me from getting a drivers license. I can see just fine. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been witness to some really frickin’ scary close calls. Either to myself or other peds. I’ve seen motorists completely ignore the fact that I’m in the crosswalk (and I’m talking IN THE CROSSWALK, not poking my head out). I’ve seen motorists completely ignore a person with a baby stroller. Or in a wheelchair for god’s sake. Some cars no more than 5 feet away from me cruising at or above the speed limit. People who I have confronted about this have had one overwhelming sentiment about it: “If you didn’t get hit, who cares”. That’s some fucking attitude. Personally, I think they should have more of these.

  22. Well Ms Daisy…go right ahead it isn’t copyrighted. It came about from working at Brand and Lexington for 8 years. Glad you enjoyed.

    This post is entertaining. It always amazes me the righteous indignation when you are caught vs the “way to go” when someone else gets busted.

    I’ll go back to what I said in the beginning. Enforcement increases every year this time when our kids start school. The next big enforcement time is right after Christmas break, the other shifts location to near parks when summer break starts.

  23. The Glendale ped stings are always amusing. At certain times of the year, they dress it up — the ped is usually Santa or the Easter Bunny, and people still don’t stop.

    Part of the point of the ped stings are that people are driving too fast where there are pedestrian crossings, not that you stopped/didn’t stop.

  24. Hey, Mikki- try to justify yourself much?
    You were wrong. Deal with it. Doesn’t matter if the city is grubbing for money and writing unnecessary tickets. You broke the law. You obviously seem to think whatever actions you take were okay for the situation, but the simple fact that you record a video while driving shows that you are a self-centered little twit with little grasp of anything that exists outside your little bubble of self-importance. Yes, YOUR THOUGHTS are much more important AT THAT MOMENT than actually driving and paying attention!
    Just amazed at how idiotic technology seems to make some people.

  25. wow kneejerk…that was a….reaction. A little harsh don’t you think? Her talking into a camera while driving is ironic given the circumstances but is really no more distracting then talking to a fellow passenger or on the phone. Your comments about technology can be fitting to you as well. Technology makes you post stupid things and throw insults at people you don’t know, and you get to use a fake name! Would you say that to her face?

  26. Yes, Mike, I would.
    And I’m SURE my posting comments at a desk is as inherently risky and poses a danger to others just as much as videotaping yourself and looking into the camera while driving.
    If you really think that, then you too, are an idiot.
    And I would say that to your face, too.

  27. Oh yea, things are getting heated up! I was curious which part of my comments suggested that video taping oneself while driving was no more dangerous than posting stupid comments? Couldn’t find that link.

    I was simply saying that your reaction was as overblown as your ego. Next time you want to call me an idiot for something I said…make sure I actually said it.

  28. How funny Sean. You outed a faker, am often tempted to do that too. The fake email addy’s always kill me. At least put up a real one, even an alias used only for commenting on yahoo is better than nothing. Then again nothing is pretty much what I think of them to start with when they do that.

  29. MIke said….
    This would have been such a better video if she had run over a pedestrian while ranting into a camer, instead of…i don’t know…driving?


    Damn funny and true comment, who the hell drives while watching a video camera. I wonder if she is text messaging and doing her makeup at the same time.

  30. I’m not going to make a self righteous rant at how Mick was wrong, owing to I understand. Before I was “framed” in a different kind of sting I used to drive around my cute British convertible with no cares in the world.

    Pedestrian be damned.

    One of my friends, who was from NY does not have a car and took me (and several of our other friends who also been “framed”) under his wing and showed me the adventure of public transit (when my licence got taken away I was actually trying to cab it…in LA…yeah my perspective was a bit whacked.) Man I have to say the amount of cars that almost hit you and then get annoyed when you look at the driver like, “Dude you almost killed me.”

    I don’t think people get that their car is thousands of pounds. If they make an error the brakes go out, the rolling stops, the not stopping can actually kill someone. I know when I was driving I didn’t get it.

    I’m not mad at Mick. I understand.

    Not stopping at a pedestrian cross can kill someone though and I think everyone needs to be aware of that. If you’re driving up Vermont in Los Feliz don’t speed. You know there is a crosswalk by the post office and you know someone in front might have to stop. It’s not just thinking about what is in front of you, but the cars down the way.

    In the past I used the same justification as Mick. I didn’t want to get rear ended. I would just gun it. Now I realize if I accidentally hit and killed someone I’d feel much worse than my car getting rear ended, though I loved my car. It was so cute.

    God damn police and their framing arresting ways.


  31. Yes, I am WAY less entitled to my opinion because I refuse to open myself to spambots, harassing emails from tools who think that someone who disagrees with them deserve e-bombs, etc.
    You said it was “ironic”- “but (it’s) is really no more distracting then talking to a fellow passenger or on the phone”
    It sure as hell is, idiot. She keep looking into the camera- NOT AT THE ROAD.
    If you don’t see that, then my overblown ego and common sense is of no use to you.

    Oh, and FRAZGO- I’m sure that’s your real name, too. And where is YOUR email address?

  32. I’m glad this Vlogger got busted–as someone who walks and rides a bike in Los Angeles I’m glad that the LAPD has finally got around to dealing with drivers like this one who don’t know that pedestrians in crosswalks always have the right of way. When you drive you are in control of a multi-thousand pound pollution spewing death machine. Take a walk or ride a bike sometime and you’ll soon be thankful the LAPD is doing this. And certainly don’t videotape yourself while driving!

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