LA City Nerd becomes secret society?

nerdclosed.jpg We got the alert from a valued commentator/tormentor db that LA City Nerd wouldn’t let him in yesterday saying that you could read only as an “invited reader”. I’m only an occassional reader but got the same warning message when I tried to log on.

What happened? Too much traffic and the good landlords at blogspot made them reduce traffic and bandwith useage? Couldn’t handle the trolls so they limited access? Whatever the reason it would be nice to go in and see what their spin on LA is. Anyone care to share how to get an invite?

4 thoughts on “LA City Nerd becomes secret society?”

  1. the l.a. city nerd myspace account is gone as well. so i don’t think this is just a blog issue.

  2. The other day day he had some odd statement on his ‘status’ on my gmail quick links section. I can not recall exactly what it was – but it was something like – good -bye. So IM’ed him but got no response.

    And is his identity really supposed to be a secret? I’ve seen him live blogging twice at events – one of which I held, but I did not disturb his privacy.

  3. There are several other blogs that have pointed this out as well. In each case, the post gets very few comments and no real answers. I suspect those in the know are not able to discuss the issue. My guess is that many bloggers already know exactly what/why/when etc but just aren’t saying anything.

  4. Brady, your blog is too funny. Bookmarked it. Thanks for the info on city nerd. No closer to finding out what happened. Maybe it was just time to move on.

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