Joke of the Day – New shit has come to light!


Look what came in the mail today!

Twenty days ago I posted about getting a spam text message from Without my consent or knowledge, THEY got my (already on the national Do Not Call List) cell number and signed me up for their Joke of the Day, which would cost me $9.99 a month. When I called AT&T they told me yes indeedy the first charge was already on my bill. With a lot of coaxing, they eventually reversed the charge but didn’t believe that I never authorized the service.

This pissed me off, and got me thinking about a class action lawsuit – I mean why not? They’re charging a million people ten bucks a month, figuring that even if, say, up to half of them notice, what about the other half that don’t? That’s a lot of green coming in.

What has to change? Phone companies need to require consent before third party companies can bill us!

I complained to the FCC online (email to fccinfo AT and am going to follow this link toward membership in the class action lawsuit.

Since my original post has been getting comments steadily (about 50 so far!) I would like to encourage my fellow Angelenos to do the same.


All of you looking for the class action lawsuit, the phone is (415) 434-9000 and the website is

4 thoughts on “Joke of the Day – New shit has come to light!”

  1. The nailed me too. I however knew about the scam and called my phone company and advance, referred them to your blog and they noted I never authorized. The swore they would delete any changes. We shall see. If I get hit for the money I too am joining the class action. In this case I want the time spent dealing with it refunded to me.

    Good for you. Consumer Guerilla warfare is one of my specialties and favorites.

  2. I have to vent my frustration with that same damn company (jokemobi-MothaFo) I also have AT&T cell service. I get a text message from that damn jokemobi company telling to return text message “stop” if I want to cancel. So I send a “stop” text message and they send me another one in return saying I am not a member. A little later they (jokemobi) send me another damn message. This is repeated 3 x.

    Now I call At&t and ask them to block any text message from tjokemobi, at&t tell me they can’t put a block on an individual text number/sender. I thinking why the hell not.

    At&t says they will not charge me for any of the text messages and not cancel the joke service.

    Thanks for the info I will also write to complain about that company.

  3. Argh….I called AT&T as I still got billed. Now I have to go through a freaking bill dispute cycle with them rather than just having it deleted. Excuse me.

    What I want to know, and ATT won’t or can’t answer is how all of our unlisted numbers got listed.

    Joining the CA on that one but ATT needs to be part of the suit as a defendant.

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