iPC ~ annoying mac users one key stroke at a time

9%2018%2007004.jpg This doesn’t have a damn thing to do with LA. I could try to stretch and say that the email announcement I got today is what makes blogging.la so much fun to be a part of. But I can’t. Most everyone here is a macker.

So here we go, in my mail tonight was a tidbit from Microsoft announcing 25 years of Innovation with a nifty Flash Animation to get it all going. Sorry, but I learned pc because my employer at the time went to bed with Intel and IBM back in the 90’s and we all got cranking 90mhz 486’s with a whopping 16 megs of ram. I learned pc by default. Too lazy to learn mac. Too cheap to ever consider spending the bucks on a mac as well. Can I get brownie points for using XP which is the best mac OS they ever made? Likely not.

So therefore iPC to annoy you one key stroke at a time.

The pic is mine, done with the che-ez get’s bigger but not better. ;P

4 thoughts on “iPC ~ annoying mac users one key stroke at a time”

  1. Windows, especially Vista, is pretty crappy, being all bloated, ugly, and confusing. But I’m no fan of Macs either, I used to work at a place where the owner insisted on using them cause he was a zealot, and those things were annoyingly limited. (Well, aside from the terminal and ssh already installed.) Get with the new flavor and download a free copy of Linux, maybe Ubuntu, put it on a spare machine and realize you never have to buy an OS upgrade or software again. Come on, yer’ adventurous!

    BTW, you’re gonna be in BIG trouble for not posting about LA, maybe even get a note to take home and have signed. ;)

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