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One of the most unexpected aspects of running a gallery was the general lack of awareness about the art industry. I say industry but it’s actually several “industries” each with their own functions, economies and agendas. Academic institutions, museums, art press, patrons, galleries and of course artists all contribute something to what might be called “our esthetic preferences at the moment.”

One of the reasons why I wanted to write for the blog was to create some transparency about those aspects which I best understand, the systems of support called galleries and museums. Some of those tasks are creative in their own right . I would biasly argue curating for instance is another form of art production, or at least that’s how I see it. In the future will address some of those tasks creative and non …purely on a time based percentage basis it’s mostly none by the way, but that’s for another time. Today I wanted to give some attention to the practice of curating. What do curators do, what do they contribute to artists, our understanding of art and our culture.

With the opening of the impressive, humor Us exhibition at Barnsdall last Sunday, I thought it might be a good idea to have a young curator fresh off a project shed some light on the subject. I contacted Leta Ming one of the curators for the humor Us show who graciously agreed to answer a few questions.

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  1. I look forward to more of your posts. How about pieces on how an artist can get accepted into a gallery and not get hosed in the process. A bit tell a new artist what is a legit offer of representation versus preying on naive beginners. Even tidbits for starting ones own gallery would be nice. Lot’s of new artists here each trying to find an audience. Could help them with some bits dropped here. We all know what we like and the artists certainly need help in jumping into the business side and making it work for them.

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