The valley’s sad legacy was reading a friend’s blog today, and he pointed me toward a National Archives collection of various photos of US cities, and that in turn got me interested in images of LA and the Valley available from the archives online. And here’s my sad conclusion, when you search NARA’s Archival Research Catalog for “San Fernando Valley,” you get seven results. This is one of the three that are available online. It is titled “View of Smog from Universal City Hotel.” The other two are titled “Smog” and “Universal Studios Seen Through Smog,” and you can see them after the jump.
Le Sigh.

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  1. Thanks for the pointer to a great resource.
    If you type some of the LA County place names, you’ll find the War Relocation Authority photos. I believe many of these were taken by Dorothea Lange, for the government, but suppressed until recently.

  2. Looks like those photos are about 30 years old. It’s easy to forget that the air quality was actually much worse in the 70’s.

    NARA is great :)

  3. Searching just “San Fernando” gets a couple more, as does “Burbank”, “Van Nuys”, “Lockheed”, and “Verdugo”.

    Still, a rather paltry return.

  4. Completely agree with Ben. The air quality in LA used to be much worse. Who remembers smog alert days from their childhood where you weren’t allowed to play outside during school recess time?

  5. Still…I never developed any allergies till I moved from Oakland to Studio City.

    But thanks to my new Neti Pot, I think I might’ve finally gotten ’em licked.

  6. I think sometimes what Angelenos call “allergies” is actually pollution plain and simple. It’s not allergies if the problem is that there just isn’t enough oxygen in the air. I grew up in the hayfever capitol of the world (aka DC) and never had allergies until I moved to LA. A neti pot though…I don’t know about that. I’m yoga-resistent.

  7. Travis: Trust me….I thought it was silly too at first.

    I stopped laughing though when I was finally able to toss out my Flonase ; )

  8. I think I am permanently influenced by the fact that the first time I ever did acid, I ran across a book of yoga photographs in my friend’s house and almost ended up in a hospital from laughing so hard.

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