I’m, like, so LA I make myself sick

Sooo, after ten, count them ten, days on the New Job, they’re sending me to the Emmys to blog live. Not just locally, but–glory of stupendously distastrous glories, and possessed of an absolutely sublime capacity for monumental failure on a grand stage–it will be national as well. Ha! Hahahaha! Ahahaha! Ahem.

[Darth Vader voice] The FOOLS.

Ok, ok. No, I’m kidding. If there’s anything I know how to do, it’s blog. Yes? Right?

Kee-rist, I hope so.

kermie%20%26%20piggy.jpgI’ll be cloistered in what I presume will be a sweltering tent backstage with the rest of the media, for approximately ten hours, in formal dress, balancing a laptop and a camera, attempting to keep the snark from creeping into my posts as the hours pass, and, hopefully, I’ll be able to report back to y’all exactly what the experience is like when I get home at the end of the night–provided I’m not carried out of the place in a stretcher after collapsing when I misidentify the chick who does those Shoe Pavilion commercials for the gal who played Ray’s wife on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Heading out now to by some Naturalizer pumps. I don’t think they’ll let me wear my fabulously comfortable Burning Man desert platform boots.

The celebs I’m most excited about seeing…? See photo.

19 thoughts on “I’m, like, so LA I make myself sick”

  1. Wouldn’t it seem to compromise the objective of your work? I don’t know what you do but if you are, by blogging this event doing your job and reprsenting the job isn’t a bit of a conflict to also send the same info through here?

    I don’t know the job but would imagine they are interested in having you cover the event and present for them exclusively. Whcich I do not begrudge… perfectly sensible really.

    Certainly however I think we’d all like a recap should that be an option.

  2. Nathan, you’re right, and that’s why I don’t plan on blogging anything to bLA while I’m on the job. You’ll notice I said I’d “report back what the experience was like, *when I get home.*” Plus, I have no intention of blogging the same thing x2…do you folks *really* care who wears what & who says what? No, I figure I’ll get home and tell you all exactly what it’s like to blog from backstage at the Emmys. It’s prolly a madhouse, between the press people–new media, old media–publicists, managers, wranglers, techies, event production people, caterers–that’s what I plan on filling y’all in on. And reporting that shouldn’t conflict with The Job at all. :)

    Y’all sure are quick to critique around here. God bless the internet.

  3. WooHoo! Go for it Lucinda!

    How are you around celebs? Are you a fangirl or are you suitably aloof around stars? I say you ignore the A-listers and focus on the truly interesting guests.

  4. Actually, I kinda do care who wears what and who is saying this or that! ;)

    Have a great time!

  5. Lucinda, if you’re blogging at the other site non-anonymously, it seems like it would be beneficial for the “new job” to get a plug here and gain some readers… no?

    Just be sure to slip in a b.la reference when you post over there. :)

  6. Must have been all those riveting posts about people’s front yards that got you the gig. That was fascinating. Fools indeed.

  7. Frankly, Roger, I think it’s FAR more “riveting” than the Emmys, to notice what people do in this megalopolis to individuate themselves, to display their personality, to claim their postage-stamp piece of the American Dream and make it their own.

    If you find that wanting, if you think that’s not “riveting” enough, it sorta says a lot about you. But you’re welcome to not read them, and skip them for the other, more riveting posts present on bLA. And if you think our posts lack “riveting” content, I welcome you to send in your own suggestions in the “Suggest A Story” link to the right.

  8. Ah, Roger, you are a gentleman and a poet. But, really, don’t you have “better” things to do than be a jerk to someone who (really and truly) was offered a job based on her writing prowess? You know, especially since the stories here on bLA are so beneath you. I quite enjoy Lucinda’s disenchanted and humorous take on her surroundings. Keep up the good work, LM. You are a very talented writer who receives well deserved praise on a regular basis from a variety of really great folks.

  9. LM your posts are always entertaining and give us a nice slice of LA and where you are. I think that’s what makes Bla different. So many voices chiming in with the little things that makes LA a great place to be. Your valley history with the houses was enjoyable. Congrats on the new job.

  10. shoe pavillion girl vs. ray romano’s wife….HA!

    She also does a KY warming gel commercial and some blinds commercial…..presumably(sp?) because she’s the long lost twin of Patricia Heaton

  11. shoe pavillion girl vs. ray romano’s wife….HA!

    She also does a KY warming gel commercial and some blinds commercial…..presumably(sp?) because she’s the long lost twin of Patricia Heaton

  12. “if you think that’s not “riveting” enough, it sorta says a lot about you”

    I know you’re trying to be clever and show off those amazing and witty writing skills, but what exactly does that mean? What does it say about me that I don’t find reading about people’s front yards fascinating? Do tell.

    I’m anxiously awaiting your Emmy gig to end so you can tell us what you found under your car seats.

  13. Roger, did I cut you off on the freeway or something? If you think my posts are boring, don’t read them. It certainly doesn’t seem to warrant your being a jerk. On bLA, our mandate isn’t to entertain, it’s to write about LA. Hopefully it’s entertaining along the way, but if you don’t find it engaging, fine. I certainly don’t see how posts you perceive as boring should elicit this degree of nastiness. I can’t imagine the shit you must say to people who actually genuinely piss you off.

  14. Wow Roger, you display an aspect of your personality you seem to be terribly fond of.

    I mean, sure we can all be dickish and outright tools on ocassion I suppose, but to prance about like a proud peacock is well… weird. Are you some kind of weirdo or something?

    If so do tell, it would help to explain why you in essence, take a sh%^ then pick it up in your hands and run about showing everyone what you are capable of.

    Weird yes, impressive no.

    BTW didn’t school just start, don’t you have better things to do? Shouldn’t you be studying to make sure you are actually ready for the sixth grade? What with today’s pressures I’m sure you want to feel important somewhere, but trust me on this, try the real world first… it’s far more rewarding.

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