If you were thinking of taking the 101 North through Hollywood today…

…just forget about it. Seems a house-hauling vehicle got stuck under a bridge. Those pesky height signs actually DO mean something. Now there’s a house sitting on the side of the road, and two of the Northbound lanes are shut down. Traffic is backed up to at least downtown.

No confirmation on the reported presence of a Wicked Witch underneath the house, although there are rumors of a young girl fleeing the scene in shiny red shoes.

4 thoughts on “If you were thinking of taking the 101 North through Hollywood today…”

  1. Get the picture, someone the picture please! This is too good not to have at least one good image and caption under it.

  2. I don’t get it–I saw this house (with the damaged roof that I guess it received crashing into the bridge at Hollywood Blvd) on the 101 near Universal Studios. Cahuenga Pass was completely jammed. When I saw it, it appeared they were putting jacks under the house to lift it up. It looked like it was sitting directly on the freeway, and it was way past Hollywood Boulevard. I guess the whole trip was just doomed!

    (LA Times has a good pic of the damaged house: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-traffic16sep16,0,6214417.story?coll=la-home-center)

  3. I actually live just up above where that doomed house came to a standstill thusly affecting the lives of many an angeleno… (a friend in fact trying to get back from Pasedena this afternoon endured a snarl in traffic)

    So after reading the post as I was headed out for the day I traveled down Bronson to see if I could see anything, well sure enough looking from the overpass there on the side of the road a full-on house, scalped no less.

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