Route 66 Parade in Duarte Saturday 9/22 Morning

If you love old cars that run, not some old trailer queen, haul yourself out of bed and get over to Duarte well in advance of the 9AM parade Saturday September 22, 2007. The parade will run east on Huntington Drive from Cotter Avenue to Mount Olive. The cars are limited to pre-1972 so its really a nice collection of classic’s and rarities that you get to see.

Now in it’s 10th year, The Route 66 Parade is a lot of fun as the parade ends at Royal Oaks Park for the city picnic and car show. The cars are set up in the park where you get to talk with the owners and get up close to enjoy all the beauty of these wonderfully restored running cars. The parade’s Grand Marshal this year is Larry Wilson, the newly appointed public editor of the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group
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Along with the great old car’s there is a city picnic with a variety of food courts, music and autograph signing by the grand marshal. The event has always been really fun and festive which makes it easier to drag the non-car-lovers in your group It is a great area but be warned parking can be tight. I find the best parking usually just east of the Park towards Encanto Park and walk the couple of blocks to Royal Oaks.

Duarte has a nice link with more information on the Route 66 Parade here. Read a bit into it and you’ll find out how the city got its name, and its not how popular local legend put’s it as the sound a fart makes in the bathtub.
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(photo is mine from a couple of years ago, get’s bigger. It’s a 1966 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible).

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  1. It must be classic car weekend in the San Gabriel Valley! Also happening this Sunday, September 16th (10am-3pm) is South Pasadena’s Cruz’n for Roses Hot Rod & Classic Car Show. It takes place along Mission street from Fair Oaks to the Mission Street Gold Line Station. The third year in a row, and always a good show. Free and worth every penny.

  2. Saturday, September 17th? Am I losing my marbles? I swear I am staring at my calendar and it says 17th is a Monday.

  3. Missed that one. Thanks for the heads up. Actually the SGV is old car central for the metro area and I have a few others up my sleeve for the coming weeks.

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