Pasadena Greek Fest

This weekend is the 48th 49th Annual Pasadena Greek Festival. Even if you are not Greek, you can go. Especially if you are not Greek. There will be Greek food, and Greek products and general Greek fun to be had by any who would attend this.

September 14: Friday – 5 pm to 10 pm
September 15: Saturday – noon to 10 pm
September 16: Sunday – noon to 9 pm

(Apologies to Hexodus, who made the same post last year. It all still applied, so I just copied what he said.)

3 thoughts on “Pasadena Greek Fest”

  1. Damn. Your post reminded me to check on the dates for the LA Greek Fest, and this is the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW that I’ve missed it by one lousy week. Guess maybe I’ll have to check out Pasadena’s offering.

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