Volunteering helps you meet the nicest People

ronpubsized.jpg We all have our reasons for volunteering. I donate hours, energy and several photographs to local non-profits for their fund raising. The group that I give the most to is the Monrovia Art Festival Association as their mission to bring art to the community and increase art education in the schools is something I really believe in. The added bonus is the great people you get to meet like, Ron Husband a local artist that works in pen and ink creating very moving and emotion filled drawings.

Husband_Baptism.jpg His drawing “Baptism” is actually very large (something like 2 feet X 2/1/2 feet) and is so incredibly detailed. Every face within the drawing has its own character and shows it own emotions. “Baptism” has earned him numerous awards.

His works focus on people and their everyday lives and events. Each tell a story and freeze that moment in time. As they are done in black and white they take on a timeless quality.
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Ron is the most charming and gracious soft spoken person I have ever met. He’s a local Monrovian who has worked professionally as an artist with the Disney Studio’s and taught professionally at Cal Arts all over the world. He currently teaches Gesture Drawing at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Hollywood, CA. An amazing man.

Ron was named “Featured Artist” for this years Celebrate the Arts festival to be held in Monrovia’s Librarly Park on October 6 & 7. Do come out to meet Ron and enjoy his art.

(This is not so much a shameless plug for a group I support as it is a chance to share the rewards of volunteering to help your community. The plug is only an added bonus). The photographs aren’t mine but were borrowed with Ron’s permission.

6 thoughts on “Volunteering helps you meet the nicest People”

  1. Nice post. However, everytime I read the title, for some reason Pogo the Clown keeps popping into my head.

  2. Thanks Burt, Ron is such a nice guy. Pogo the Clown? I was a St Louis kid and we had Corky the Clown and he was obnoxious not sentimental.

  3. Everybody should volunteer. Everybody. I’ve done it regularly (ie. at least once a week) for decades. The number one rule is to get more out of it than you put into it. The trick is to choose something which interests you. And there is no shortage of opportunities.

  4. Frazgo,
    If you remember Corky the Clown in St.Louis, do you remember Captain 11?
    Steve, a former St. Louian child

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