Ha-Haaa! Or, wherein we offer you yet more New Pornographers tickets

nekocase.jpgSo, yeah. Tammara here was realllly nice and gave away two pair.* Me, I’m only giving out one. Why?

‘Cuz I’m tired.

However, I’m not too tired to make my usual a**hole question. Heh.

Here goes:
In 2001, a leading member of the New Pornographers released an album with a song on it that mentions, in the lyrics, a certain street in Los Angeles, CA–it passes through Koreatown. Interestingly enough, the Twilight Singers’ most recent album mentions the same street–this time in a song title. What was the name of the 2001 album?

Only answers that are emailed to [email protected] will be accepted; I try not to take answers in the comments ‘cuz then y’all can get hints from one another’s answers, yo.

The show you will be getting a pair of tickets to is on the 19th at the Henry Fonda.

*yes, you spell it without the “s”

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One thought on “Ha-Haaa! Or, wherein we offer you yet more New Pornographers tickets”

  1. Holy shit, someone nailed that within a half-hour.

    I’ll make it harder next time. :)

    Answer was Neko Case’s “Canadian Amp,” the song was In California, and the street…is Bonnie Brae.

    Notorious neck of the woods, there.

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