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Over at, Jonah has an excellent post that points out the value of local food blogs and compares them to the work of professional food writers, it’s worth a read. But I was surprised to read this info from an older post:

Whoops, I was reading the LA Times Terms of Service, which I would link to, but, well, just keep reading. I removed the direct links to the LA Times blogs because of their statement that:

Links to, and frames of, If you operate a Web site and wish to link to, you may link only to the home page,, and not to any other page or subdomain of

What?!? Sure enough, check out the LAT Terms of Service, if you operate a website (FYI, a myspace page is a website) you are not supposed to link to any articles, just the home page. Oh wait, did I just screw that up? Oops. (Hmm, what’s the Spanish word for lame? Culeros? Mamones? Never mind, I’ll stick to lame.) Lame. Seriously lame.

I only get the weekend edition of the Times (they sneakily added Thursday to the weekend!) since I don’t have the time to read it daily. But now I’m thinking of canceling it all together as I mostly don’t have the patience to go through the whole thing looking for something of interest, it’s become a damn chore. They should be encouraging people and sites linking to the rare items of interest, not fighting it with this bogus TOS. Get with the times already.

(ps, pic above was graffiti spotted at Pita, Pita! I think the connection works!)

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  1. How lame. And I guess search engines don’t count?

    One could get around that by not making the URL a hyperlink, and telling readers to cut and paste. Not ideal, I know.

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