Win Tickets to The New Pornographers!!!!!

Here at we are all about spreading the love… and what goes better with love than seeing “The New Pornographers”in action? In that spirit, we are giving away 2 pairs of tickets to next Wednesday nights, Septmeber 19th show at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood.

Want to win them? Just get to work and answer in the comments section why the group named themselves, “The New Pornographers”. Hint: It’s not as direct as it seems and guesses are as good as gold. First two answers who come closest… or hell, are even the most entertaining get the tickets!

9 thoughts on “Win Tickets to The New Pornographers!!!!!”

  1. In a odd bit of synchronicity, Carl Newman named his band “The New Pornographers”, and then learned that Jimmy Swaggart once called modern music “New Pornography”.

  2. Funny thing is, Newman didn’t know of Swaggart’s quote when he came up with the name. he just wanted the band to be the “New” something, and thought that “New Pornographers” had a nice ring to it.

  3. Newman says, “I saw the Japanese movie The Pornographers and I thought it was an interesting word. On the first Destroyer record, Dan has a song “the Pornographers.” I remember wanting to put the word new in front of something like “the new sneakers of the new Christy Minstrels.” I always thought that bands that put new in front of their name was somehow kind of modern in a false way. Like do you really have to call yourself the new? Does it really have to be illustrated by those words.’ So I like the words “the pornographers,” and “The New Pornographers” just fell together. I don’t know, I can’t tell if it’s a bad name or shitty name.”

  4. “The New Pornographers” was a good name for a new project…. nothing to do with the book. Newman just wanted to be new something….

  5. his father was in a 50’s do-wop band called The Old Pornographers and he wanted to keep the family tradition alive. can i please have some tickets now?!

  6. Tamara, I may have not had the most creative answer but (as an avid and loyal MB/LA reader), I did answer 1st, I didn’t want to just cut and paste from Wikipedia and I fricken love the NP’s. Please give me some TICKETS!!!! fa la la la la la

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