tigerteam.jpgI caught this parking enforcement vehicle on Melrose when I was going home last week and was utterly confused. Tiger Team? Really? Do they give especially ferocious tickets? Are they especially gung-ho on tickets? The possibilities in my mind were downright endless. Well, a quick Google-search later and it turns out the Tiger Team isn’t just some parking enforcers trying to seem cool, it’s actually a team of parking enforcers who aggressively patrol congested traffic corridors towing the crap out of people who don’t move their cars in time.

Does anyone else think a “Tiger Team” of parking enforcers is hilarious? Anyone? C’mon!


  1. The name cracks me up, are any of them named “Tony”? Do they have frosted flakes for breakfast.

    I first saw them on Los Feliz a bit over a month agao patrolling at 3pm when parking converts to driving lanes. Made more of a jam with than the parked cars did.

  2. Holy crap. That’s too funny. These must be the same parking enforcement people I used to see on Sunset near Vine, lining up two trucks around 3:50 p.m. and starting to two cars at 4:00:10 p.m.

  3. You hate them, you love them… Tiger Team powers activate!

    I despise cars in the right hand parking lanes during rush hour. They make the drive home that much more intense, as cars dive to merge into the left most lane at the last minute because the ’02 Accord didn’t read the no parking during 4-7pm sign.

    As much as I don’t like getting parking tickets, it makes me smile when I see those violators with a ticket on their windshield.

  4. Yes Matt, they are entertaining when it works to our advantage like trying to get the hell out of Hollywood in the afternoon. ITs those minutes prior when they are double parked giving tickets and arranging the tow that makes me batty. I am so glad I only have to be there at that time of day a couple of times a year.

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