Pricey Grub at Bob Hope Airport it’s the little things about life in this town that just tweak your calm.

Mmmm, mmm. Nothing like a little snack on the way out of town for a business flight.

“I’ll just get breakfast at the airport!”

When was the last time you imagined the price of a bagel and a bottle of juice? What was it – $1.75 for the juice and 0.75 for the bagel, plus maybe 0.25 for butter or a schmear?

Try $6.79. Damn thieves.

I mean, sure, I could have gone down the block and picked it up for half that. But then I woulda had to walk in stocking feet through the TSA gantlet for 10 minhutes shove my shoes and jacket through a filthy machine to be ignored by bored civil servants and reassemble my disemboweled briefcase on the other side … again.

On the other hand, it’s only $6.79. Should I be disgusted?

10 thoughts on “Pricey Grub at Bob Hope Airport”

  1. Yes. Be disgusted. If they had really good, affordable food at the airport (AFTER the security strip search), all the business travelers would pass the word, and they’d plan to buy their breakfast at the airport. They’d be happy to do so. Then the vendor would be happy and profitable. Instead, the vendor pisses everybody off and nobody will make the same mistake twice. Buying from them becomes a “mistake.” Wow. That’s good for business, huh? It’s a short-sighted, ignorant approach to doing business.

  2. Omyword, you’ve got a naive sense of things. That 6.79 is dwarfed by the difference in cost of flying one airport versus another. If a difference of a couple bucks for breakfast makes a difference to a traveller, then they’re going to go with the difference of a couple hundred bucks in choosing the airport. I doubt that I’d ever choose an airport based on the fact that one vendor has a reasonably priced meal option.

    I suspect, in any event, that the rent costs for an airport space are higher than the rent for a regular restaurant/shop space and are as much to blame for the outrageous prices as the captive audience of travellers.

  3. There are some airports that have reasonably priced food. Recently I was in Chicago Midway and paid $8.50 for a good sandwich and a drink, while the same thing cost me $18.00 in Burbank. I’ve alsp seen some good prices at the Jet Blue terminal in NYC’s JFK.

    I would not choose an airport for the food, but if I know that I am going to get gouged, I might make other arrangements, like not eating at the airport.

  4. The minute you aren’t disgusted by that is the minute they raise the price. It is a nasty cycle. “oh, $10 for a soda and a sandwhich isn’t bad” says the consumer. “what if i raise it to $15?” says the provider.

    Be disgusted. Be VERY disgusted.

  5. Laurel – yup. Prices creep up gradually, and before you know it, you’re shelling out – what – $12 for well drinks at bars? $10 for the same beer you could get six of for half as much in the store?

    I picture it like boiling lobsters. “Gee, the water’s warm – oohh, I feel sleepy. I’ll just take a little na…”

    and then you’re dead.

  6. I bought a bottle of water at LAX a couple months ago. When it rang up as $4.75 all I could say is “I hope there’s vodka in this.”


    Its not like you have another alternative. Bastards.

  7. If you’re going to buy food at Bob Hope, go for a panini or a pizza. Both are more reasonably priced, because of their large portions (I usually eat half and then wrap up the rest in a napkin for on the plane because I usually fly to home from school [CSUN] and vice versa through there and so one of those serves as lunch and dinner because of scheduling).

  8. Always makes me think about the slogan at Jeff and Akbar’s airport snack bar “When you’re stuck at the airport, You’re stuck with us”

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