Holy shit batman…best designer vodka EVER

modernspirits%20trio.jpg Damn. this was about the best vodka I have ever had, certainly the best flavored that would put absolut to shame. Wicked good.

Best of all I found it on accident by opting to spring for the extra fee to be in the VIP tent at Monrovia’s Food, Wine and Jazz festival tonight. Honestly, I don’t know how I am typing this as I am totally toasted and enjoying the glow of the VIP tent. Best 10 bones I ever dropped.

In the VIP tent we had access to the Modern Spirits vodka trio. Wow, straight up as shots they were awesome, as a martini even better. This company turns out to be a local Monrovia business with only a select few retail outlets. Google it yourself to find who close to you has it. Amazing find on my own front porch step. (more details after the jump)

The luge was awesome…your choice of 3 of their flavored vodka’s to run down the ice luge to your waiting shot glass, and it was a healthy shot.

My personal favorite was the “tea” vodka a tasty combo of black tea and oolong tea run down the ice slot to your waiting shot glass. Did I tell you the 10 bones on the VIP tent was the best investment ever????/

The most amazing treat of the evening was the “grapefruit” martini made with their grapefruit honey vodka with a dash of lychee syrup. Too tasty to descripe and could very well supplant the classic Mousso & Franks Martinin Ruth666 turned me on to for my birhthday a few month ago. Really good, but then again do keep in mind I love grapefruit.

All pics by me with the trusty LG camera phone, it doesn’t get better but you get the drift. (Would have use the Che-ez Snap but the battery finally died tonight, time to break out the replacement).

-updated 9/10 AM I found my stuff and need to update you on the Martini. It was first debuted as the “loh down” but no one got it. The owners were approached with call it the “Monrovia Martini” for the festival. They did and it got everyone in towns attention. The recipe: 2 oz Grapefruit Honey Vodka, 1 oz tonic, 1 oz lychee syrup, and float a basil leaf on it. They used a purple basil leaf. As recollection serves me if you nibbled the leaf with the sips the flavor was even more intense.

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