End Of An Era / End Of The Rainbow


Like Lincoln Park and MacArthur Park, paddleboats will now no longer be found out on Echo Park Lake. For lack of funds and profitability today was their last day upon the murky waters. As such, my wife and I got our first and last ride in this afternoon and happened during our cruise upon this rainbow in the fountain mist touching down not upon a pot of gold, but rather poetically upon the on the park’s boathouse.

A few more photos of the excursion are in this photoset on Flickr.

3 thoughts on “End Of An Era / End Of The Rainbow”

  1. Damn them all, nostalgia at some point has to take over profitabiity…afterall deficit spending is a hallmark of our democracy. Can we please at least keep the dragon boats.

  2. When news of this first broke, it was reported that the paddle boats lose something like $20K a year.

    Where are all our fuzzy wuzzy, deep-pocketed celebretards to fork out that mere pittance (why I spend that on LUNCH for a week) to bail out this charming institution???

    Come on Susan Sarandon – cough up.

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