Sycamore Grove Park Upgrade


Congratulations are in order to the people of Recreation and Parks that made this new feature possible in the Northeast LA park of Sycamore Grove: exercise equipment for the masses. This addition debuted a few months ago and it’s been an instant crowd pleaser, as it should be since it really is a great idea. Praise for a City Dept? I can hardly believe it. Click ahead if you want to check out the equipment in use.


Near the children’s playground, this collection of unique exercise equipment intended for adults is an example of planning that actually considers the needs of a neighborhood. Poor and working class LA, that vast but ignorable sum of humanity, is more than likely not able or willing to part with hard-to-come-by money just to get an expensive workout. But supply them with access to free and decent exercise equipment and they’ll take to it in no time.


The Rules. The inevitable rules. Is there ANY remaining sphere of social life that isn’t dictated by a set of rules? First one on this list, even above number 1, printed boldly in red: You must be 14 years old and above to use this equipment.


Luckily, kids pay no attention to grown up signs. Go Rebel Kids! FTW!


The mostly Latino exercisers checking out the equipment were trying hard to not appear to be really exercising, they’re just casually sitting on this machine and testing it out. If you know Mexican culture in LA, it makes perfect sense.


That still doesn’t stop them from going at it with force; this woman was getting a full workout at the swinging apparatus.


Some sort of climbing machine.


I told you it was popular. I go by here often and I almost always see someone at the equipment.


Didn’t you kids read the sign? Good for you!


I snapped this last one today, cruising by in a car. Another delinquent kid using the equipment. I think it’s an excellent use of our pooled collective funds. May communal gym equipment spring forth in a park near you! Now if we could only get a damn tool library going in our city.

Check out this clip announcing the equipment, thanks you tube!

Sycamore Grove Park
4702 N. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(323) 255-0370

11 thoughts on “Sycamore Grove Park Upgrade”

  1. Nice post, but FTW? For the Win, Fight to Win or Fuck the World? Which is your definition? Just curious.

  2. I remember going by and thinking: are those outdoor workout-equipment set-ups?

    A week ago I stopped by and saw that they indeed were just that. Word around town says these things are taken over by adults in the mornings with very serious workout intentions. They even form lines to get on some of the equipment!

  3. I am a big fan of this equipment as well. I have gone a few times (I really should go more often) in the early morning and it is always packed. People are super nice though and it makes me really happy that I can walk my dog and tie him up while I workout without anyone giving him dirty looks (cuz he’s a pit)and workout for free and among peeps from the community who are nice and supportive (not like creeps at the gym).

    When you were taking pics, it was an all latino crowd but when I go I also see some black ladies who work at the nursing home across the street. I saw another guero there besides myself once but it mostly seems like the folks from up in the hills are staying with their private and/or home gyms.

    Now I really wish they would put that equipment at the little park on Fig across from La Abeja and where Flor y Canto used to be. Clearly people will use it if its there and it would be nice to see someone besides the drunk recycling center crowd using that park. And of course, it’s alot closer than Sycamore for me and my neighbors.

  4. Thanks for the info Annie. Yeah, Greayer Oak Park could use some amenities, that narrow piece of grass doesn’t have much going for it, other than the daily wino conventions. (At least they’re mostly friendly, one of them even has a good singing voice!)

    Flor y Canto, I recognize that name! ;)

  5. Awesome idea to provide local residents with a FREE OUTDOOR GYM! Many thanks to Mark Mariscal with LA Parks & Rec. Dept. and Greenfield Sport Parks, Inc.

    I found more pictures of the equipment at the company’s website:

    Now my question is – how do we get our city and county officials install more of those in other community parks of LA???

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