Pure Luck and Soul Vegetarian = Vegan Utopia

Soul Vegetarian in DCIt’s a damn good time to be vegan in Los Angeles, but non-vegans can join in on the fun as well. Last week I was in Washington DC and while looking up the address to one of my favorite vegan food chains in the country, Soul Vegetarian, I learned that they’ve just opened a location here in LA! This is amazing news, and while I haven’t been to the LA branch, I’ve been to the ones in Atlanta, Chicago and DC ones and they have all been amazing. (photo to the right is the feast I enjoyed in DC last week) No one does vegan soul food like them, and at least the Atlanta location has unstoppable vegan shakes. The LA one is over at 4067 W. Pico (corner of Norton) and I really can’t wait to go check it out.

Next up is what is quickly becoming my favorite new restaurant in all of LA. Pure Luck. It’s over at 707 N. Heliotrope Dr (at Melrose) – across the street from the Bicycle Kitchen and Scoops and next door to Orange 20 making that half a block section of the street one of the coolest places in all of LA. Fellow blogging.la author Lucinda Michele checked it out a few weeks ago and we’re blown away by everything we had. Don’t believe me? City Beat caught us on film stuffing our faces. Awesome. In fact iw as so good that last night I got off a plane from DC and was there eating within an hour. The staff is insanely friendly and the food will make you want to go back before you’ve even left. I can’t recommend the fried spring rolls and plantain tacos enough. In fact I want them right now. I’ve been there with meateaters who were equally impressed so do yourself a favor and check it out as soon as you can. Yum.

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  1. Interesting, but “branch” isn’t that just a way to avoid the whole chain restaurant stigma? Good to see that this is making it possible to consider vegetarian more mainstream as it may make it easier to get kids eating healthier.

  2. It’s not really a chain in that respect – more like a common theme but each place is completely individual and even serves different food – the only similarities is the vegan and southern influence – but even similar dishes taste different from place to place.

  3. I ate at Soul Vegetarian for the first time last weekend and it was amazing! I had the sampler plate which came with a little bit of everything, and it was all fantastic. I’m so glad they came to Los Angeles. The waitress who served me was so nice, and so cute too! I can’t wait to try Pure Luck. You’re right, it’s a great time to be a vegan in L.A.

  4. Actually the sign just says, “UCK”

    The Militant can’t believe someone wrote bout the new Pure Luck (it was previously operating under that name as a Korean-Chinese restaurant) without mentioning the best part: DA BEERS.

  5. As M-angeleno pointed out, it’s worth noting that Pure Luck also happens to feature a fine selection of mostly local microbrews on tap for only $4 each. Also probably important to mention that it’s cash only.

    As for Soul Vegetarian, can’t wait to try it. It’s near to the woman’s work and we’ve been debating it.

  6. I’ve been to a handful of Soul Vegetarians, Soul Vegetarian East in Chicago being hands down my favorite, but the LA one is damn good too. A bit different since they have more “meal” type dinners unlike some of the other SVs which let you order sandwiches and sides. I need to go back and try the Crab Cakes!

    One interesting fact about Soul Vegetarian is that it is owned by the African Hebrew Israelites who practice Veganism, polygamy, and are advised to have at least one full-body massage each month for health benefits. I’m not religious, but if I was, that’s the religion for me…

    Now I have to try Pure Luck.

    Oh, BTW, another new Vegan restaurant to open lately is Flore at 3818 W. Sunset Blvd. Really great food and open for breakfast.

  7. As of about a month ago, there was a Soul Vegetarian stand at the Sunday Hollywood Farmers’ Market too. And I’m with you on the Pure Luck front.

  8. Pure Luck is fantastic. Everything I’ve had there has been really good, and I can’t wait until my next round of plantain tacos. Excellent beers too.

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