Costco find of the week…just don’t step on my blue suede shoes, uh uh uh

elvishead.jpg This weeks amazing Coscto find was in Azusa. Nearly crapped my pants when I saw this wall of Elvis busts. Can’t we just let him Rest in Peace was my first thought. My second thought was wow…could I have fun with a dozen along my driveway for the upcoming Halloweenie season. Finally on the third thought he’s been dead long enough I could have fun with this and not invoke bad Karma. Then the price tag hit me and I had to reel myself in a bit. Just a little.

At $229.00 it is a bit much for yard art but it is ripe with possibility. Its a life size bust made by Wowwee Alive and the damn thing moves and lip syncs to 8 different Elvis “hits”. I’ve got relatives in Minneapolis that would go nutso over that. My Karaoke pals (and I still refuse to go as there isn’t enough booze out there to make me sound good) will go “peanutbutter and bananas” over the microphone mode where you can sing along with Elvis. Scary, but I think I just found one more justification to add this to my party insanity. That and the possibility I could mount it on the hood of my old Buick for the next car show. Hell…Elvis loved LA, why can’t I show him a good time again posthumously!