Win Built to Spill Tickets!

built%20to%20spill.JPGHey kids! It’s Lucinda, back from Burning Man!* And now, there’s nothing I’d like to do more than screw off some more! And what’s perfect for wanking off to a forty-five minute instrumental prog-gaze interlude? A Built To Spill concert! Thing of it is, they’re really, really good. Really good. Their album “Perfect From Now On” was pretty much in constant rotation the first year I dj’d at

Ah, how long it’s been.

Anyway, who wants tickets? I bet YOU do! First two people to answer this question by emailing to me at this address get a pair of tickets. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS.

Usually I’m an asshole and make you answer a bunch of questions. Not this time. I’m too wiped out from the desert. You lucky schmucks! Here’s the question:

Please elucidate what a song called “Virginia Reel Around the Fountain” has to do with BTS.

Thank you, come again.

* It was on fire when I got here.

Blogged to the new Okkervil River album.

6 thoughts on “Win Built to Spill Tickets!”

  1. Say Bob, is that because it’s so diffcult to click the BTS link and then following that calorie burner, click tour?

    Just kidding… I agree. Sort of.

    Oh FYI, Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles Sept. 13 & 14 – 2007

  2. ya nathan, i guess i could click on the bts link, then click on the tour link, then scroll down, then click back a few times now that I know I can go to that date and love that venue, then email my answers. wooo hooo! I hope I win.

  3. Yes, sorry dudes. I can’t brain today, I have the dumb. Too much dust in my lungs.

    It is indeed at the Fonda; our tix are for the show on the 14th.

    My bad.

  4. You should give people who aren’t familiar with these bands but might be interested in becoming new fans a chance once in a while.

  5. Hooks–valid point, yes. But I have a limited # of tickets, and, IMHO, a concert is not the best place to decide if you like a new band or not (unless they’re a really exceptional, unusual band whose live shows far outstrip their recordings). I’d much rather be sure I have true-blue fans using these tickets rather than someone who’s like, “Meh, whatever,” and who might even end up not using the tickets at all if a better offer comes up for that night. I’m an authoritatian like that.

    Also, the question was really easy. Any googlesearch brought up the answer immediately.

    To everyone, the contest is closed–we already have winners.

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