The saddest bear in Los Angeles.

I saw this sad, sad bear somewhere above the food court at the Glendale Galleria. Has anyone seen a more slumped over, chained down, ball of furry sadness ever before in their life? The saddest bear ever was at some cookie-selling sort of store, but something about having a giant, chained-down, stuffed bear out front made me just keep walking…

(I know, I know, the bear is technically not within Los Angeles city limits, but “the saddest bear in Glendale” just didn’t have the same ring to it.)

10 thoughts on “The saddest bear in Los Angeles.”

  1. That’s so sad…and Glendale is metro LA so this post counts, we aren’t limited to LA City limits thank gawd.

  2. oh, yeah, i just didn’t want some yuckster trying to tell me he wasn’t the saddest bear in Los Angeles, he was actually the saddest bear in GLENDALE.

    I didn’t wanna have to punch a yuckster.

  3. You should have stuck with your first instinct.
    This bear shouldn’t be associated with Los Angeles, as we have no sad bears, just happy bears. I think Tom LaBonge is responsible.

  4. Can someone please give a poor New Yorker an update on the bear situation? This is the saddest bear I’ve ever seen (in chains)!

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