ID this mystery spot, sorry no prizes

Pic is only hours old, rub it a few times to make it bigger if it helps. If you can ID this mystery spot good for you, just don’t expect a prize as I ain’t one of the writers blessed with copious of bribes, err rewards for fast identification and sign up.

Kaiser is one of those love it or hate it kind of places. As an HMO its pretty inventive while being remarkabley conservative. I went through a few other HMO’s before settling on them. Certainly could not imagine a better pediatrics section and my kids are wonderfully healthy and well taken care of.

What most don’t know is you did get choices with doctors and even facilities where you get your testing and treatment done at. I really nice bonus when you have any sort of medical condition that needs specialized care or treatment. My personal favorite for test, MRI and Gastroenterology is the Baldwin Park group right at the junction of the 10/605.

Special thanks goes to the whole Gastroenterology department in Baldwin Park for getting me in and out quickly and painlessly for some routine tests. Shout out to Mark Kim MD who made this pain in the ass procedure painless and fast! If you are a member and need to get the old back side scoped this is the man to do it. Added bonus…if you ask nice he gives you a snazzy set of pics to post on Flickr or make greating cards out of!

14 thoughts on “ID this mystery spot, sorry no prizes”

  1. DB I worry about what sort of bachelor party you attended. If I had a prize it would go to Jo-ann.

  2. I don’t think a photo credit is needed but it would be Mark Kim MD….the subject of the shout out.

  3. It’s been gone longer than 20 years as its been there longer than I have been here. How funny my innards got scoped on a spot where so many others were just digitally explored.

  4. #1. That picture is so gross!

    #2. My Kaiser of choice is the one on Sunset because it is Metro friendly. I love being able to take the train there instead of dealing with the driving and parking hustle. Though, I couldn’t seem to convince my wife when she went into labor with our daughter that a train would get there just as fast.

    #3. The Edgewood was where I spent my childhood watching drive-in movies. Interestingly, LA’s last surviving drive-in: The Vineland, is just a mile down the street from here. Before this Kaiser opened, they used it in the god-awful film Starship Troopers.

    #4. That picture is so gross!

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