Parking Lament

I’ve heard that in London, people have been known to bequeath parking spots to people in their wills, as part of their estate. When I moved back to Los Angeles after a year and a half in San Francisco, I thought to myself, “Wow, I can’t complain about the parking in L.A. anymore, it’s nowhere near as bad as San Francisco.”

Yeah, well, it’s bad enough.

Other than that year and a half in the Bay Area, I’ve lived in this building in the middle of Hollywood almost ten years. Now I’m up to my eyeballs in Boxes and Clutter; I have to move ’cause my parking went away.

Hear how parking has forced me from my home after the jump.

So, I’ve been right here, just off of Sunset and Highland, for a long time. I like it here. When I was ready to come back from the Bay I moved right into the same building. The Manager’s a friend of mine. I took the unit sight unseen and no regrets. I have a view of the Hollywood sign and I can even see fireworks from the Hollywood Bowl.

One of my only questions about the apartment from my cell phone in SF: “What about parking?”

The building was built in the twenties; there’s only six spots. For most of the time I’ve lived here, we’ve paid to park in the office building across the street, in their attached garage. The manager of that garage has long hated this. He apparently makes more money valeting office workers cars in there, or something. For years he’s been trying to get the owners to turn out the neighbors who’ve been parking there since they opened the joint. There’s room. I don’t know what his deal is, but there’s an extra buck for him to be made somewhere.

So, the garage gets sold, and the new owners basically ask this guy what he wants to change. Bam! I’m out on my ass. He’s the damn Grinch. The Grinch who Jacked my Parking. He’s the banker guy in “It’s Wonderful life,” only with less class and a persistent aroma of petrol fumes.

I can still rent a parking space. I just can’t be in there from 10AM to 5PM Monday through Friday, under any circumstances. And that’s for only five dollars more than I was paying before.

Here’s the trouble: I work nights. I don’t leave for work until 6. There’s no street parking here. The street in front of my place is two hour max during the day. The closest spot I can park without getting a ticket is two blocks away and jealously guarded. Usually it’s four or five blocks away, after half an hour of circling waiting for the club kids to pull out so I can go the hell home. Good luck should I decide I want to go home before 2:30 in the morning, say if I have a night off, or something crazy. I could park at the HiHo Mall, but it’s just far enough away that I just can’t. Anything far enough to make me seriously consider taking Public Transportation to get to my freaking car is too far.

Running six blocks pushing tourists out of my way like a linebacker, ’cause I’m running late for work doesn’t sound like a hell of a lot of fun, really, anyway.

So, I’m moving. I love this place, this has been my neighborhood for a long time, but I’m moving. I going “Beverly Hills Adjacent,” which threatens to nauseate me, but the street is permit. I’m truly sad. I’m literally going to have to grieve losing my little spot in Hollywood. I’ve shed blood, sweat and tears in this apartment. I hate to go.

Later, McCadden Place, I’m going to miss you.

5 thoughts on “Parking Lament”

  1. Thank your city council and greedy developers for overdeveloping Hollywood! For the most part the parking situation in Hollywood is practically ruinous, I doubt it will get fixed anytime soon.

  2. Right Marquischacha… the recent Hollywood development is the reason his place only had 6 parking spaces since the 20’s. Give me a break. If you want someone to blame, thank yourselves for moving to a city of 4-million car drivers and expecting limitless parking. Welcome to the big city guys… I hear there are places where every unit has covered parking for 2-3 cars, and each garage has it’s own private driveway… it’s called the suburbs, I recommend moving there if ample parking is a priority. It’s not that I don’t feel Rob’s pain, I faced the exact same thing when I lived in Hollywood (the parking situation is actually the main catalyst that led me to car-free living), but you either move or adapt, which is what Rob’s done. Of course, if you are at Sunset/Highland I personally wouldn’t consider Hollywood Highland Mall too far, it’s at most a ten-minute walk (.5 miles). But that’s just me :)

    Good luck in “Beverly Hills Adjacent”!

  3. Little Armenia here, and thank the gods I have a covered parking space behind our building. The only thing I have to put up with is the cat who walks all over my car and the weird coat of dust it gets after every few days in the garage.

  4. Bummer on the loss of the spot. Guess that goes with the territory of renting some cool spot without assigned parking on the premises.

    Parking is everyones favorite bugger these days. In older parts of town built before everyone had cars its worse than newer sections were built requiring at least a space per car. With the transit oriented development on the boards we’re going back to fewer spaces per development. I suspect with the high density things are going to get a lot uglier for parking.

  5. I strongly suggest that you find a place that has a garage/covered parking with an assigned spot. Not only does this gurantee you a spot, but it protects your car from the other woes of street parking – even if it is permit. I live downtown, not quite at the center. But, as you can imagine, street parking sucks. When you depend on the street as your sole place for parking, remember that (i) at least on 1 day out of the week you are going to have to move your car for street cleaning; (ii) people have more access to your car, whether it be for theft or dings or parking too close (iii) let an event happen nearby or a party… you’re really shit out of luck! Goodluck on apartment hunting… that really blows! :)

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