Make the Heat Work for You

Nicole of Baking Bites tried out the old “it’s hot enough to bake cookies in this car” trick yesterday.

The interior of her car reached 180 degrees! (If that’s not enough to convince you to not leave your pets in your car, I don’t know what is.)

Though the cookies don’t get golden brown, she can attest that they do get fully cooked.

So, if you lament that your car at work isn’t covered during the day, maybe you’ll feel better coming back to it knowing there’s a baking sheet filled with gooey cookies.

(Too complicated but wanna make something in your car? How about sun tea in a nalgene bottle?)

6 thoughts on “Make the Heat Work for You”

  1. Very cool. Trying to think of other ideas… maybe a big low-powered, magnifying glass to help brown/crisp things up a bit?

    The you could set out an english muffing, some Canadian bacon, and an egg…

  2. I like the cold brewed iced tea….ready in minutes and doesn’t melt the ice instantly.

    I wonder…would brownies work in the back shelf bakery on my car?

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