Ladies: Surefire way to pick up guys

Am I the only one who’s noticed that there seems to be more eligible, high quality single women in Los Angeles than eligible, high quality single men? I have two female friends who are actually considering moving outta town to find a potential mate, cause the pickings here are so bad…

Anyway, I really can’t take advantage of this, as I’m taken. But today my girlfriend called me telling me that she’d found the the best way to possible to meet men:

Have your car break down.

Her Volvo had somehow ruptured a fuel line, and the engine died while she was heading south over the Cahuenga Pass. AAA sucked, and took nearly 90 minutes to arrive (they said they’d accidentally cancelled the first call). In the meantime, more than a half dozen guys stopped by to offer help. Maybe she was just trying to make me jealous, but she said most of them were even good lookin’.

Even a firetruck swung by to check on the car, as she’d reported it was leaking fuel.

So, ladies, fake it if you have to. But appearing abandoned on the side of the road for an hour may earn you more numbers than a night of speed dating.

10 thoughts on “Ladies: Surefire way to pick up guys”

  1. Maybe she found the last concentration of nice guys? I’d rather think that its proof there is some good left in all of us after all. Either that or I need to stop the happy pills.

  2. “you might be right about high quality, but according to nation geographic magazine there are 40,000 more single men than women out here”

    The question is how many of those single men are straight?

  3. I ended up meeting a neighbor girl that way. She had a flat, and I happen to have a whole mess of shop tools, jack, jackstands, torque wrenches –all of that–and I had her car in my garage and wheel changed in fifteen easy minutes, and she was able to bounce off to work with narry a spec of greasy brake dust on her hands

    No date though, but I wasn’t looking. I did get a nice little LED light present for my bicycle from her though. Pretty cool!

    I’ve offered other stranded motorists the same help, as well as stranded cyclists. Most decline saying it’s okay. But yeah, could be a neat way to meet people.

  4. Once moved in with a woman for three years a month after installing a garage door opener for her. Was a fun relationship, as long as it lasted.

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