if you can read this, you probably have power.

As if it’s not bad enough to be suffering through the heatwave from hell, 60,000 of our fellow Angelenos are currently doing it without the benefit of electricity.

According to KNBC:

About 26,000 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power customers remained without service around the city, said Kim Hughes of LADWP.

Outside the city, outages affected some 33,700 customers served by Southern California Edison, according to the utility.

My friend Ryan is among them, and he’s been without power for sixteen hours. That’s just plain wrong, goddammit. We’re still living in the future, right? Get with the program, DWP!

If you’re reading this, you probably have power and it’s not an issue. But if you know someone who could be in trouble if they get overheated, like the elderly, small children, or bitchy bloggers, you can call 877-435-7021 to find out the location of your nearest cooling center.

9 thoughts on “if you can read this, you probably have power.”

  1. Ya know that’s what happens when you don’t invest in the infrastructure. Everyone cries nimby about building power plants.

    Where LA used to go build those big coal buring plants, like AZ, well when the environmental impact out there in the wide open desert was worse than expected things changed.

    No one wants nuke as no one knows what do to with the waste. There was a time that it looked like burying it in the desert might work, but the Yucca Mountain project has come to a halt. (If it weren’t for that nasty waste issue not being resolved I’d jump on that band wagon).

    We don’t have the power resources now or planned to continue with the growth that SCAG and others want to pile into LA and So Cal. Ad in the impact of plug-in electric cars if those ever become economically feasible and things look (pardon the pun) but dark in our future.

    We do need to quit pissing around with the environment. More urgently we need to make some big investments in solar, wind and more hydro if we are going to maintain our current quality of life anytime into the future.

  2. The problem in this case isn’t really the number of powerplants, it’s the antiquated distribution system.

  3. Nukes are the way to go. solar, wind and hydro are all great as auxiliary power generation sources, but the heavy lifting has to be done by nukes. nothing else comes close. and new designs could cut down on waste and increase safety.

    The waste issue is an issue – for now. but the benefits outweigh this – unlimited fuel supplies, plenty safe, and much cleaner than current power stations. so we need to research what to do with the spent waste – fine. there’s time for that. there’s tons of innovative ideas in the theory stage that are begging to be tested. but to get support for that – you have to get the nukes going. no one will sink money into it until we need it, that’s just the way things are.

  4. Solar does a lot to ease the burden in these heat emergencies because it actually keeps houses cooler in the first place by absorbing all that energy.

    While it’s easy to blame the DWP, please be nice the crews who come out to your neighborhoods for the repairs. They didn’t get you into this problem and are working in killer heat conditions to get things working again.

    As someone who just went through this process of being without power across two days (and three days earlier this year), the only thing I can say is to keep calling them and BE PREPARED to make it on your own for that time period.

    That aside, I’d like to apologize to all my neighbors and perhaps those in neighboring counties who can now smell the rotting contents of what was in my fridge.

  5. We lost power in our Hollywood apartment about 6pm last night, had a hell of a time trying to sleep, and now 23.5 hours later are still without power.

    The # of affected Angelenos as stated by the LADWP hotline has been steadily dropping from over 30K this morning to 18.5K as of 4:45, but Hollywood is still dark for me.

    Does anyone know how the LADWP prioritizes its repairs? Is it longest affected, easiest fix, or the most people bitching about having no poweR?

  6. I feel bad for everyone without power. If you’re in LADWP area, they’re repairing as fast as possible, but I guess there’s just not enough people. I heard one guy saying that they were all working and pulling 15 hour days. Yikes!

    I feel lucky that our powered stayed on and would have probably gone on a killing spree if we had lost it (no Internet, Wii or A/C?!?!?!), LOL! But this all does convince me that instead of putting a pool over our garage we should probably invest in some solar panels. I just wish I could swim in them.

  7. AP..its a combination of a lack of new plants built, aging existing plants and transmission is the other. DWP isn’t the only one to blame, out here in SCE land we have the problem too, just not as bad as SCE is still answerable to the PUC and shareholders.

  8. 16 hours is nothing. We’ve been without power in Eagle Rock since Sunday night. That’s – hold on, I gotta get my calculator – yep, 65 hours straight. No AC, no fan, no light, no fridge … at least I know where to get dry ice 24/7 in Los Angeles now.

  9. I blame only one thing: Those new electronic billboards popping up all over. What a flippin’ waste of 1,000s of watts of energy.

    I had no power when I left my house Monday, but I’m in Boston right now, so I’m sure they’ll figure it out before I get home.

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