Win Tickets to Spoon!

spoon.jpgOne of what are, for me, a bazillion reasons to love Austin: Spoon comes to the Fonda on Wednesday the 12th. I can think of few better reasons to be zonked at work the next morning. The Fonda’s a nifty venue because it pairs two qualities that don’t often meet: an intimate size that allows you to work your way up close to the band PLUS a larger venue’s good sound and lighting. It also has a large venue’s costly bar. Skip the bar altogether and you can avoid the weird smell that seems to pervade the bar area in general. It’s pretty atrocious.

Okay, on to the Spoon tickets. You must answer THREE, count them THREE questions correctly, and email me your answers. DON’T POST THEM IN THE COMMENTS, YOU WON’T WIN. I am, at this moment, at Burning Man (hooray for scheduled posting!) but as soon as I’m back I’ll notify the first two correct responders. You’ll each get a pair of tickets.

1. Where did they play the last time they were in LA?
2. With whom did they play, that time?
3. What “drop-D metal band” does Britt sing about (that is, what does he say its name was?), what’s the name of the song in which he sings about it, and can you take a guess as to which *actual* band he may have been referring to?

I know, that last one’s kinda actually a bunch of questions. I’m a jerk.

5 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Spoon!”

  1. I’ll give this one a shot

    They played at the Greek w/ Mates of State and Death Cab for Cutie. And the last one is “Requiem” from Sister Jack. And the band that it’s based on… let’s say requiem as well :P

  2. Did you know that ‘Requiem’ was the name of former Spoon bass player Josh Zarbo’s high school metal band. Legend has it Britt was writing lyrics and said “Hey Josh, weren’t you in a drop d band? What were they called?” and so the Sister Jack lyric was born.

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