One More Film Shoot You Don’t Need To Complain About

Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you are staying out of the heat somewhere.

Though it wasn’t up to me, there is one less movie shooting on the streets of LA this fall and I’m working on it. I’m off to our nation’s capital (that’s Washington DC to you, Miss South Carolina Teen USA) for a few weeks and so I’ll be guest posting with our esteemed blogger colleagues there. I know what you’re thinking: I’ll miss all the lovely dry heat out here. In fact, it will be hot plus humid (joy) out there AND I get to stand around all day in it. Silver linings? Thunderstorms that are more regular than in LA and a coooooool hotel room to return to each night.


(If you’ve never been on or near or around a movie set before, it can be pretty dull 90% of the time. (And yes, I’d still rather be working in the movies than anything else.) The photo is one I took last week while we were on a “tech scout.” A tech scout is when all the department heads on a movie go to different shoot locations and discuss details of what will be shot, how it will be shot and many new details not found in the script, all from the director’s mouth. It looks pretty ineffecient, but somehow it alll works. Oh, and techcinally, this photo was when we were in Baltimore.)

Stay cool LA, I’ll see you soon.