Lost: One giant shoe…

I found this giant shoe just sitting by the side of the road on Verdugo near Hollywood Way. Has anyone seen the other one?

7 thoughts on “Lost: One giant shoe…”

  1. Oh, that’s my other shoe. This one drops every now and again. Thanks for letting me know where to find it.

  2. Ken’s right. The smaller one belongs to a shoe repair shop on Santa Monica (just before Butler going West from the 405). It is often parked outside (North side). They do have another shoe car, but it is said to be a cowboy boot, I think, but perhaps I’d misheard, and this is it. See my encounter here .

    I wonder if they are made by the same people. They do look very similar in stying and workmanship…



  3. It’s not as big as the one in the picture, but there’s a shoe-car in Long Beach, usually parked at Palos Verdes at Atherton. That one is bigger than the West LA one.

  4. Actually yes, They were made in The city of Vernon (close to my job) I’ve seen the one in the picture, also a BMW as a dressing show, and a high heal show, and a chuck tailor joe. I would pass by while they were being made, always wondering where they would end up.

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