Happy 226th Birthday (belated)!

I’m sorry I missed your birthday, Los Angeles, but I’ve been too busy melting as I travel to and through various parts of you.

I’m here for you, though. My nearest and dearest, on the other hand, decided they would travel to other cities instead of stay here with you. Don’t feel so bad though; comfort yourself with the fact that these idiots went to Las Vegas and Arizona, places which are much, much hotter.

If it’s any consolation, we celebrated your birth by watching Inland Empire, outside in the yard, on a projector. We had some beers and cursed at the mosquitoes eating our legs. I’m just sorry for not getting you any cake.

5 thoughts on “Happy 226th Birthday (belated)!”

  1. thanks, militant! i had figured this event was scheduled to commemorate…. but they held it early.

    i will blame my labor day laziness. next time, i’ll take the extra moment to check wiki.

    i guess i still have an opportunity to make a cake… mix together ingredients, then leave outside for two and a half hours.

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