A Poor Man’s Koyaanisqatsi :Cumulo-Nimbus

With the current heatwave baking Los Angeles and producing some awesomely towering cotton candy cumulo-nimbus (one of my favorite words) cloud formations in the northeasterly skies these last few days, I took the risks 1) of falling off the roof of our Silver Lake house, and 2) of melting my laptop and digicam under the sun’s relentless rays by setting them up on the steeply pitched thing for this morning-to-night timelapse capture of the puffy stuff as it happened Sunday above and beyond the Verdugo Mountains in the distance. It’s about 9.5 hours condensed into a coupla minutes. The only thing missing is a Philip Glass soundtrack.

And if you’re jonesing for some more timelapsification, after the jump check out the spectacular night-blooming San Pedro cactus flower I caught in the act in mid-August.

8 thoughts on “A Poor Man’s Koyaanisqatsi :Cumulo-Nimbus”

  1. Will, absolutely friggen amazing. Thanks for sharing. I can tell you here in outer Monrovia we were so glad when that cloud started falling apart in the shear and gave us some shade. It stopped the thermometer climb on the shady side of my patio at 113. Today doesn’t bode well as the temp at 6AM was 78. Think we’ll break some records if we don’t get afternoon clouds today?

  2. I could watch that all day! (I mean sped up, not sitting on your roof.) Great work. I especially love that the cloud/sky gods gave your a spectacular sunset to capture at the end. I hope you’ll do more things like this! (Even though I know you start a new job tomorrow, congrats on the new gig!)

  3. Thanks both of you!

    Fraz, I don’t envy you today out there in the heart of the SGV. Susan and I camped out in the backyard again last night and it was warmer than the first.

    And Julia, I most certainly do plan on doing more of these, Maybe at my new gig I’ll have an office with a window and I can point the camera east from the 10th floor and see what develops.

  4. Not only brilliant but you’ve demonstrated how things need to be sped up (or even slowed down, in some cases) to be comprehended into a human-time scale. If only we had access to a time-lapse movie of the formation of the Grand Canyon, or even the Solar System…

  5. These were super, I especially love the little time lapsed kitty in the background of your San Pedro cactus video.

  6. That is the nimbiest thing I have ever seen!!! Will, I am going to commission you to do this all over the city, well..just the east side like Silver Lake…doh!!!! Think of the possibilities, patrons coming in and out of Spaceland, hipsters on fixies up and down Sunset, litter blowing down the gutters, blank walls getting tagged, etc…

    Wait a minute…Yeah, I don’t have any money for that. Cheers!

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