Gimme A Sign: Subliminal Suggestion

What is it with signage in Atwater Village. There’s a bar on Glendale Boulevard whose neon sports a letter that’s somewhat open to inebriated interpretation. Frankly I couldn’t tell you if the place is called Tee Yee or Tee Gee or Tee Hee or Tee Pee, nor do I really care.


And then there’s this pharmacy’s nameplate above that I spotted at Larga and Glendale while coming through this afternoon. Am I the only one who doesn’t have to squint too hard to decipher it’s thinly veiled evilness: PHARMASCARE.

6 thoughts on “Gimme A Sign: Subliminal Suggestion”

  1. VERY funny! I pass by this sign all the time, but never saw “PHARMASCARE” in it until now. Of course, now that’s all I’ll see for now on!

  2. Tee GEE? I would have sworn it was Tee YEE.

    And I feel the same reaction every time I see PharmaScare too!

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