End-of-Summer Notes from the Goth-sphere

The LA Weekly has a shockingly under-researched article on Bats Day up. They managed to write a paragraph about a counter Bats Day called “Babs Day” that never happened, but didn’t have anything from Noah K, the actual event organizer for both Bats Day and Fright Night. I’m shocked, Weekly. You usually do such wonderful research on local counterculture.

By the way, speaking of Noah K, it looks like Fright Night is closing so you all may want to go get your bad horror fixes soon. Just three more showings left!

L.A. is seriously lacking in a cohesive goth calendar ever since LAGOTH got hacked one too many times & shut down. Therefore, I’m posting a handful of bigger band name shows here. More behind the cut, so I don’t clutter up the site for the non-goths out there

August 31st
Haujobb are playing Das Bunker this Friday. I’m saving my stomping boots for the October 11th anniversary show though – that’s with Icon of Coil on October 5th (which hopefully will not be the gong show the 10th anniversary VNV Nation show was)

Sept 13th:
If you are looking for someplace other than Perversion to stomp your giant boots on a Thursday, you can go see Assemblage 23 in a couple weeks at the Knitting Factory.

Sept 22nd
The Birthday Massacre are coming to the Knitting Factory as well, to play a show promoting their new album (released the day before). I love the Birthday Massacre, and thoroughly enjoyed their 2005 show at the Roxy

Sept 24th
VNV Nation play their other LA-area show, this time at the Glass House in Pomona. I enjoyed the Wiltern show, but I am NOT driving to Pomona, on a Monday, even for one of my favorite bands. Well, OK, I’d do it for Depeche Mode. But not VNV Nation. Especially without And One.

3 thoughts on “End-of-Summer Notes from the Goth-sphere”

  1. Wow..a post about the Goth scene..interesting.

    I used to frequent a LOT of those clubs but have had no interest in going as of late. The scene pisses me off – not a fan of guys running for Mayor, I guess. No overachievers allowed. You know how it is.

    But, damn, I’ve gotta go see VNV on the 24th!!!

  2. My SO and I used to go to fright Night every month, up until recently. I’ll probably go to the sept. and oct. shows.

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