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Yesterday I got home from a crazy five day journey which I won’t recount for you now.* My lovely husband picked me up from LAX and as it was dinner time, we pondered what to do while driving north on Sepulveda. Me: “What do we have at home to make?” Him: “Not much.” Him: “Should we go out to a restaurant?” Me: “No thanks, I’m not up for it.” The decision was to pick something up, but what? LIGHTBULB! “Let’s get some chicken from Dinah’s!”

I haven’t had Dinah’s since I was at LMU in the late 80’s. My best Dinah’s memories are of going to crew practice at 5:30am and it would be pouring rain or so fogged in at Marina Del Rey that we couldn’t row. Usually that meant a long run along the bike path or back to the weight room. But every once in a great while the coach would say “Let’s go to breakfast!” And we would troop off to Dinah’s for pancakes or eggs or waffles. Or if you were in the mood at 6am, fried chicken. MMmmmm.

Not sure why it’s been so long since I’ve eaten there, that is some delicious fried chicken! I guess even though it is not that far away from where I live now, it is outside of our regular haunts. But that box of chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and creamed spinach were just the comfort food I needed on my way home. Thanks Dinah’s!

*But if you are curious, you can read about it here.

7 thoughts on “Comfort Food”

  1. I’ve posted about Dinah’s too – the one on Los Feliz – but it’s too hot and I’m too lazy to look it up and link.

    We LOVE Dinah’s!

  2. I saw Little Miss Sunshine the other night and noticed a bucket of Dinah’s chicken in one of the earlier scenes. Mmmmm Dinah’s chicken…

  3. In honor of “Little Miss Sunshine,” we grabbed a bucket of chicken from Dinah’s Glendale store and munched on that golden goodness while watching the Oscars this year.

  4. I graduated in ’80 from LMU. I had many a meal there in the two years I worked there post B.A. Thanks for the memories!

  5. Dinah’s is OK but don’t pass up Viva Fresh right next door. Great fresh Mexican food and the murals on the walls inside are great to explore with your eyes while your stomach explores some enchiladas or tacos. Mmmmmmm

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