Insomniac special — lunar eclipse

Anyone who knows me, knows how miserable I am at the thought of catching a 6 am flight out of LAX tomorrow morning. I am really and truly not a morning person, and the thought of leaving the house at 4:30 in the morning is only marginally more appealing than, say, getting punched in the face. Roosters are still rubbing the grit from their eyes at that hour. It’s not civilized. So when I read that there is a total lunar eclipse taking place between from 2 am until 5:30 in the morning, it was like the universe was rewarding me for pain and suffering. The complete eclipse is only visible to United Statians west of the Rockies (as well as Aussies, Kiwis, and some islanders), so my fellow Angelos who also have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow, fortune is favoring us. Enjoy.

(Eclipse series complements of foxypar4.)

4 thoughts on “Insomniac special — lunar eclipse”

  1. Unfortunately lunar eclipses aren’t really too exciting to watch. Solar is where it’s at!

  2. The Militant was up at 0300 hours and saw the bloody red moon which resembled a cat’s eye, Mars or a dark red balloon. He peered at the moon with his Militant telescopic surveillance device (it just looked like a regular full moon, just dimmed somewhat) but it was much more impressive watching with the unaided eye.

  3. I’m with the Militant on this one – set the alarm for 3am and was not at all disappointed with the results.

    In fact I’ve never seen such an eerie, bloody moon, and I was so glad I didn’t just blow the thing off thinking it would be just another boring eclipse. I have binocs and a telescope, but neither was required. Best of all I viewed to my heart’s content from the comfort of my own bedroom window.

    Of course I was also out there lying in a neighbor’s driveway between 1 and 3am watching the Perseid Meteors, too, so I may just be a kook.

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