I saw this big poster near the Lincoln Heights Post Office, with the enticingly red background and a full fist in the air above a black star and large type that simply reads FIGHT. Since I’m always partially interested in a good fight I had to get a closer look to read the details. Was it a local punk rock show? A Zapatista protest event? Maybe a stance against gentrification?

What do you think it might be? Take a moment to think about it before you click ahead for the grand reveal, if you guess right you’ll win an insignificant prize!

Have you given it a thought now? Well then, click here for a better resolution of that important text.

If you guessed this was a recruiting poster for the Army, you would be right. The Salvation Army, that is. When did they get all into Soviet style poster designs? I assumed they were too busy selling thrift store junk to be able to fight “Darkness Addiction Despair” but I guess they do have some time to work that salvation magic.

Oh yeah, if you guessed correctly, you win the consolation prize of knowing more than I do, a depressingly trivial trophy more worthy of the trash dump than the thrift dump. Enjoy!

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  1. Wonder if they had a permit to stick advertising on public property. Then again, who’d go after them.

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