Random Valley Front Yard of the Day #5

valleyhouse6.JPGHere’s our newest Random Valley Front Yard. This one’s utterly overgrown, with fantastic sycamore trees bending low as if reaching protectively around the house. A pair of chairs next to the door make me think an older couple must live here and pass casual evenings smoking Pall Malls watching the traffic go by…but then there’s the swing hanging from the sycamore tree, and I wonder about a child who’s maybe grown by now, long enough for the wood of the seat to go gray with age.

As always, click the photo to embiggen.

A close-up is here.

In autumn, I’d like to come back and re-shoot this home, because in fall the sycamore trees all throughout Los Angeles go golden and red and send mountains of big, crispy leaves flying down the sidewalks in the Santa Ana winds–always a reminder Halloween isn’t far behind, at which point the sycamores are usually bare of leaves and spindly and spooky in the night sky, just in time for intrepid trick-or-treaters.

2 thoughts on “Random Valley Front Yard of the Day #5”

  1. Slightly overgrown? I think it past that some 30 years ago. It sure has character which is something those Homeowner Association Nazi’s would never allow.

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